Turbo 350 trans leaks

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Gulf Rat

Feb 1, 2014
Gulfport, MS
leaks, leaks, leaks...what can I do. I hate leaks. Got the pan to seal then then the front seal and rear seal any tricks to make these trany's stop leaking?
Blocked vent?

Also, the torque converter may have a groove in the seal area and needs a repair sleeve installed on it
The drive shaft yolk most likely has the same groove, it needs replaced plus the obvious new seals.
Don't forget the dip stick tube, where it goes into the tranny, the seal there needs replace too.
On the front and rear seals, also replace the bushings in the front pump and tailshaft. Could be they are worn and not centering up the parts, letting fluid past the seals.
Replaced all seals, no groves in torque convert or drive shaft.. but...the vent was plugged I hope that fixes it. Got to get it back in the 36 Ford Rat...til next time...turn a wrench

Gulf Rat
There is a little seal around the shift shaft that comes out on the driver's side of the transmission, they are notorious for leaking. It is like a $1 seal and NAPA used to carry a little removal/installation tool to take them out and reinstall them, but since TH 350's aren't being made any more KD and other tool manufacturers stopped making them.

The tool is about the size of a 410 shotgun shell and you can find them occasionally on Ebay. The shift shaft gets grooves in it over time and that can cause them to leak too. A trans shop can pull it out and replace it in about 15 minutes too.

If it is your pan, put a bead of Permatex The Right Stuff around it and it will stop it from leaking. Also, look at where your dipstick and kickdown cable go into the side of the pan, those will leak too.


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