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Jan 13, 2018
South West CT
A few weeks back my Dakota was making a noise in the right front wheel area. I decided to take the tire off and check it out. Bearing seemed maybe a little loose but nothing bad. Lots of rust so I decided to sand blaste, rest encapsulate, undercoat. I figured I change pads and rotors. Did right side, caliper looked rusty but I don’t drive it much so put it back together. Drivers side caliper had a big chip in the piston so caliper change. Couldn’t get the lines off. They broke. New hard line and flex. Then a week of rain too. Went back to the right side, lines were ok, replaced caliper. I have a 1 person bleeder, Harbor Freight, that works pretty good but could not do the rears because of the backing plate being deep. Had my Wife help, and notice the new hardline was leaking in the front. Pull it apart it is a bubble flare, which I picked out myself. Mine is standard flare. I didn’t even look when I bought them. So replaced, rebled, with my Wife so finally all is well. Figure a 20 minute job took me 3 weeks. Sound familiar to anyone? Jim
Yep. Started out with a power steering hose leak when we went to Tupelo. Decided the pump might be hurt since I drove it back home with little fluid in it, then decided I might as well change the steering gear box since it’s never turned as sharp as it needs to. Ordered up the stuff from RockAuto, had to wait on it to get here. I went ahead and tried to remove the pump pulley with the new tool I bought, no dice, it wouldn’t budge. Gave up and cut the old pulley off so I could get the pump off the bracket. Meanwhile, the line and fittings came in from Summit. Got a new pulley at O’Reillys, pressed it on with the tool. Got the gear and pump put on, but one of the line ends I ordered won’t fit. Ordered one Monday, supposed to be here tomorrow. Maybe I can get it together tomorrow.

Not quite as bad as my engine change from Chevy to Ford. That took nearly three years! But I was still working and that scamdemic was right in the middle of that. I didn’t touch it for a year, was afraid I was going to be out of work.
Too often the simplest job can take you down the road to nowhere whereas the thing you keep putting off because of the thinking that it’s going to be a road to nowhere turns out to be a lot easier and quicker so that you say why didn’t I do this sooner?

Yes, relatable.

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