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Jan 13, 2018
South West CT
I can't say enough about the people on here. There is no bickering or putting down here at all, only encouragement. Can't say that about some other groups I am on. There are a couple welding forums I am on to learn , look at others work, and get inspired. I never post there because I am not a good welder and have seen what I think are great welds and people just beat them down. People ask "how's my weld" and get answers like sucks or try again. No encouragement. Yesterday my Dakota started making a front end noise. Thinking bearing. Ask on the Dakota group and all were great except for 1 guy who said why don't you jack it up and take the wheel off before coming on here asking a question? I had even stated in my question I didn't have time today. yesterday, and will be checking tomorrow, today. In contrast, back in August, we were on vacation and my Son called telling me that the truck front end was wobbling. I proposed a contest on here, with no prize, asking you all what do think? Many responded. No wise cracks, or harassment. I think it is a shame how unhappy people have become. Maybe it makes them feel better. I am pretty sure many on here had parents who said if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything. Goes for the computer too. Thanks alot. Jim
There's a welding page that pops up on my FB feed. Some of the welding is the most beautiful welding I've ever seen but there's always someone saying it's too hot, too cold lots of horseshit on there. I've spent alot of time on Bodybuilding / BB Drug Forums....they are the worst. A lot of guys on the PORK are jerks as well. I was on a Dakota forum for prob over 20 years called the DML what a bunch of awesome guys, on a forum called Fiberglass Forums which was also awesome. Some people really suck....this place is not like that at all, everyone gets along and is super helpful. I don't know whats wrong with some folks these day. I'm glad I found you guys.
Tripper started this forum with the intention of providing an enjoyable place for us in the hobby. He succeeded! I have enjoyed so many happy hours here over the years. Many times being on this board was the high point of my day. I can't thank the man enough for the impact he has made in my life.
I was directed here by a member over on the HAMB, been here ever since. Much better atmosphere here! There are several of us on both sites, I try and direct others here as well when they are like me, just don't fit over there but stay for the information. I just started my own board mostly for members of another board I've been on for years who's owner recently passed away and the future of it looks like it will be going dark soon. RRR is my inspiration to create a place like this , a friendly family environment, but geared more towards modified street cars and drag cars. I'm not going to say or promote it any more than this, link is in my signature if you're interested.
I only belong to a few sites. I only comment and share here. This is the most supportive and helpful and polite. Not just about car stuff but so many things, life in general. I was brought up to not say anything if I had nothing nice to say. I wonder if some of these keyboard cowboys would be as impolite in person? I doubt it. I don't think they would have the back bone. I feel bad for the decent folks on these sites. How many are missing out on good information because many people won't participate for fear of ridicule or having bad feed back. The people here make it the best site.
More times than not, people tear others down to build themselves up because they are unhappy in some way, sometimes it's with themselves. I found RRR before I knew what the hamb was. IMHO the best thing about RRR is the amount of positive affirmation there is here, truley remarkable. The hamb is a good place to gain knowledge but in the long run for me, the positive reinforcment is more valuable on any build.
I was on the HAMB too for a while. Got turned off to it when I went to a local car show hosted by members. I have no rat rod or old car but love cars and have forever. Old car just not in the cards for me. One of the guys running the show asked what I had and I said nothing that really fits in here, 89 F150 and 87 Samurai. Guy walked away from me. Last time on HAMB. Came here and mentioned that story and was basically told “run what you brung”. First stop in the AM after email. Appreciate this forum. Jim
My experience at KB was all it took! I said... "if I wanted to cuss & fight, I'd just go home to my wife"! Plus I prefer hanging around adults! ;)
What an experience over there. There were some real characters over there to put it nicely. I finally got fed up and went off on the moderators and got banned.
What an experience over there. There were some real characters over there to put it nicely. I finally got fed up and went off on the moderators and got banned.
Didn’t realize they had kicked you off dmw. I’m still there, but I get so mad at some of the stupid stuff they get worked up over I just shut it off and go elsewhere. RRR and mustangs and more are my models for my place.

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