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Feb 12, 2024
Petaluma CA
Hi everyone! I recently came across an online ad for a part I think might look good on my MaseRATi coupe but when I was ready to buy it and asked about his method of payment, the seller said that he only wanted payment by a money order. No PayPal, no Chime or anything else, but just an old skool money order sent to him by good old snail mail! This totally caught me off guard, especially when there are so many faster (and safer) ways to pay so now I'm hesitant on making the deal. What does everyone out there think about it? We're not talking about a lot of cash here (should be less than $50) but I'm just ust curious about what everyone else would do in the same situation. I asked him about whether he had any other options but he said no. So let me know what y'all think about it and then I'll decide the best way to go...
If the person is older they may just not have any pay service. I understand the concern but before electronic payments that was how we did it. I remember getting a postal MO because I was told if they scam you, it becomes a federal thing. True or not, not too sure, but never had a reason to find out luckily. Jim
Check or money order was the only way for years. Some of the wife’s relatives won’t use a bank other than to get their SS check, they get a money order for their phone and electric bills and mail them in. USPS used to reimburse you if you didn’t receive what you had ordered and paid by their money order, don’t know if they still do or not. Like everything else it was probably abused.
Thanks everyone, I'm an old guy myself and remember days when a money order was the way to go so it through me off a bit when I saw that this guy was wanting me to pay for it that way instead of the newer and more efficient and less time consuming ways available nowadays. I think I'll go ahead and send it since it's not a ton of money but if I get scammed I'll let y'all know. Have a great weekend!

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