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May 3, 2012
Indian Lake, Ohio
I am going to put a build post up for all my currently built projects. I'll just keep them all under this thread. If you have any questions about any of them just ask. And if you want to know any background info check out my intro!! Thanks guys! Cheers
The one that started it all

This wagon was the one that set off the fire storm. It isn't a highly modified wagon, but it was definitely fun to build. It started life as a Berlin Flyer. It was terribly old and worn out. I am positive it was used as a flowering decoration. It is currently a welding cart/yard scrap hualer/kid toter/wood toter/anything else you want in it...so, it is again a workhorse....I'll quit talking and let you see the pics...enjoy...


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White for my baby

This wagon was the first lowered one that I built. It since has been rebuilt with a slightly higher ride height. And is getting more modified as we speak. But the original idea is staying the same along with the colors. I used gas meter risers for the extension on the front, along with the rear "struts" to keep it stable. This wagon worked for a bit, but I realized it needed to be a bit higher. Nevertheless, here she is in all her glory. Updated pictures will come soon enough...


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Rat Wagon

This wagon could possibly have been the most fun to build so far. I wanted it to stay patina, and also make it more of a car show/non kid dragger. I found the perfect wagon, then found the perfect gas can, and hopefully built the perfect wagon! haha...I used 1/2" copper tubing to make a frame under the entire wagon. I cut the Marathon can to make it a cooler. it has latches on either side and is attached by wing nuts so you can easily empty the water at the end of the day. The box on the back was just an old tool box my grand father had given me years ago. I used the wheels off of the wooden wagon I started with. Found some cool copper paint, and went to town. Without further ado...


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Military Theme

This wagon was just built out of boredom. It started simple and I got caught up and couldn't stop. I used old rods that were used on a patio set and drilled holes to make them resemble machine guns, for the rails. Used 3/4" EMT for the frame. A idler pulley for the turning system. It has bullet valve stem caps, a dummy grenade for the handle, a .50 cal ammo box for storage. And (the best part if you ask my wife) someone bought this one before I was even finished!!! He had me put the cover from the movie Full Metal Jacket on the back. I added his sons name to the top of the box, and an American flag sticker. Also, on the EMT in the front, I put real pins from WWII, just to pay tribute. This was a very fun theme and I plan on doing more Military stuff in the near future!!


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Mini Bucket

For a little fun I made this little mini wagon. Its nearly useless. But it sure looks cool!!


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I found out that my Bro-in-law and sister-in-law were having a baby. Well, what in the world would I get them!! Haha..A wagon of course. They met and both are employed at Bowling Green State University so what better wagon to build them than a "Falcon Flyer"!! I had one week to build this wagon, which is definitely pushing it. I wanted it to stand out and be unique. My wife made a cushion for the inside out of a blanket. I designed the logo and made a stencil to paint it on. All in all I think it turned out pretty cool. I used 1/2" EMT for the frame on this one, and a hub from a pneumatic wheel for the steering system.


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style and cool[cl

this kind of stuff is why l like this web site.

some places would flame ya for not being (insert reason here) and why it shouldn't be there, here we welcome it with open arms:D

Later :cool:
A/FX Ford

Just recently finished up this wagon. I received it from a friend, and it had been in a flower bed for 15 to 20 years. I thought what the heck am I going to do with this. So, I decided to turn it into a '50s/'60s drag race car/wagon. I stripped the paint/rust. Flat blacked it. Built the frame, again, out of EMT. I used "Old Ford Blue" engine paint for the wheels. The rear Ford logo is actually a drawer handle. The "headers" and "carb" stacks are just made out of 1/2" EMT also. The handle is a piston. I plan on putting A/FX on the side for the class. It was the early funny car class. Ford had a Mustang in that class in the 60's called the "Hemi Hunter"!! Not the greatest work ever..but hey I think it turned out pretty cool!!


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This brings me to my current stopping point!! I have a few others, but I wish to wait till they are presentable! lol Hopefully, I won't have to explode so many replies to my own thread in the future! haha its all caught up.

Skull, thanks I appreciate it!! I figured hey we are all car guys and can appreciate a kid dragger!! Kids and car shows seem to go hand and hand. Why not have a cool way to take your kids!! Thanks for letting me be apart of the site!!

Again, if anyone has any questions or wants more pics please let me know!!
The wagons are just plain COOL, and your creativity seems endless! Post up some in progress pics as you build.
I know from your intro that you are planning a 'Rat Rod' and I'm sure after seeing these wagons that whatever you build will have a good flavor about it, cant wait! :cool:

Sweet man![cl Ive always wanted to build a wagon with a 5hp briggs in it and ride it around the shows. Have you ever done one of those?
definitely cool

I'm diggin the military version you did, making me think about building something at some point, its a cool way to tow the little ones around a show as well!


Very cool stuff..I'm thinking I need to build a wagon or a pedal car stroller for my lil rugrat..I think i like the military themed one best so far, but they are all cool..

Like Snake farm said, we'd love to see in progress pics too..

Nice work

Cool stuff.Where can a guy find a set of wheels like that?


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Hey, thanks for all the kudos I appreicate it!! I too really like the military one, but think that the copper frame radio flyer might be my favorite to this point. But I'll have to put some new pics of the white wagon up, it is currently being equiped with neon lights! :cool:

Sneaky Snake, Those wheels are actually from a radio controlled car. I ordered them off ebay. That wagon has taken up residence on my garage table and seems to become the center piece of most conversations.

Gearhead, No, I haven't done the motorized wagon yet, but I definitely have considered it. The ones that I have seen mostly use a lawn mower motor, but I want to use a weed wacker engine since it is much smaller. The only problem I know of is the gearing issue, since the weed wacker motor wouldn't have enough tourque to propel a grown man. So, as I am sure if I could figure out the gearing issue I would try it. Could be cool. Would also be cool to use an electric motor, like the ones that are sold in the motorized coolers. That would be pretty cool too.

Thanks again everyone and I will try to get some up dated pics of current projects. I am also building a pedal car from the '50s or '60s to resemble one of my grandfathers midget race cars. Maybe I will post some pics of that too if it would be welcomed.
Cool stuff

Definitely a man of many wagons. I have seen a couple of similar wagons at the swap meets. Great idea. Can't beat this web site so much neat stuff.[cl Keep on building them. Steve
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of course

''I am also building a pedal car from the '50s or '60s to resemble one of my grandfathers midget race cars. Maybe I will post some pics of that too if it would be welcomed.''

well d'uh, we'ed love to see it:D

Later :cool:
''I am also building a pedal car from the '50s or '60s to resemble one of my grandfathers midget race cars. Maybe I will post some pics of that too if it would be welcomed.''

well d'uh, we'ed love to see it:D

Later :cool:

Ok, I'll show ya my progress. Keep in mind that a.) I have never done anything like this whatsoever b.) It has been a very slow process (about 35 hours so far) and c.) there seems to be no end in sight!! :)...I haven't made this my priority yet so it seems to be getting pushed back further all the time. The idea I am going with is to replicate my a race car that my Grandfather owned and my Uncle currently owns. They both race sprint cars and midgets their entire lives and I just wish to pay tribute to this. I am going to include pics of the pedal the way I recieved it. The way it is now, and pics of the frame. A pic of the Vivian Buick that it will be modeled after. And also my photoshop pics of the way it will be when its finished (hopefully). What I have done so far is, strip the paint with a wire wheel, then polish it with a combination of buffing compounds, emery paper, and elbow grease. I protected it with WD-40 and it has seemed to preserve it quite well. I have now come to the point where I have to cut, bend, and create the side and rear panels out of sheet metal. I plan on attacking this in the very near future. A friend is making me "real" headers that I can use instead of the plastic orginial ones. So, hope this brings you guys up to speed and I will try to post progress pics as I get things finished on it. I welcome any input on this project as I am learning throughout. Thanks again for the kudos!! Enjoy!!


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