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Jul 31, 2010
Santa Rosa, CA.
Been trying for weeks to logon and just keep getting 'this site can't be reached'. Can anyone else access it or is it just me? I've got the roadster's entire build thread on there!
I gave up on them too with a full build thread. Anyway, I just tried to log on and got the same message!
It takes $$$ to keep a site open! That's why it's still important to keep UDS going, you all know what to do!

Killbillet changed hands of management a few times years ago. It got worse and worse. I stopped visiting a while ago. I have my 50 build and many others on there. We need to keep up the goings on round here!!
I also noticed some months back that it didn't work anymore. That was my (oldest) brother's favorite site. I did a lot of lurking there, here, and on the HAMB, but liked the atmosphere here best. There used to be a rodder's site from in Australia, too. There was a guy on there that was an amazing metal worker. I wish I had gone to the trouble to copy off all of his build thread, but now it's all gone, for quite a while already. (Meanwhile, all of the worthless junk on the internet lives on, well beyond its "best by" date.)
Go to http://web.archive.org and look around for your builds. They may or not be there but there seems to be a bit there. Jim


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been over a year since i went there, seemed to only have 3 or 4 people posting there.

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