What is the black box on my s10.

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Sep 11, 2007
Victoria Virginia
I'm putting a v8 in a 91 s10. Engine has mechaical fuel pump and a carb so I don't need the ECM, I think. 700r4 has manual control for converter lockup. My question is the black box next to the master cylinder, what does it do? Can I eliminate it like the ECM??..[S


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The black box is a control module for rear ABS.

You should be able to eliminate and bypass the ABS, like this guy plans for his C series...


Your S10 layout will be different, but plumbed in the same fashion.

Edit: Here's a '94 MC flipped upside down... yours should be alike.... after the prop valve, go straight to your rear line... fling the solenoid valve and black box into the nearest deep body of water...




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Thank you Dr.. Video was very informative. My ABS valve is mounted in a different location than the one in the video but the brake lines run the same so I will eliminate the valve and the control box.. Been worrying about that thing for a week...:eek:

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