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Dec 29, 2012
Norman okieHOMER
I need hub caps. But I am not sure which wheel I have. I have disc brakes on front with 16x4, and 15x8 back wheels. All 4 are new aftermarket 5 3/4. multi lug. They have the windows, not the rally type windows, but the factory looking windows. This reason I dont think they're smoothies. They also have the hubcap mounts on the inside. Do you think these are Gennie 14's? My daughter has the camera so I cant take a pic. any 1 have a guess?
Like these?

or these?it has inside nibs instead of clips.


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If you are looking to run the small early Ford type caps, some aftermarket wheels fit them and some do not. I have some wheels like this on my rpu project, and I got them from Coker at two different times. I think the front ones are Wheel Vintiques and the back ones are Superior. The back ones take a standard early Ford cap but the front ones are smaller in that area.

If you are talking about a full hubcap, then any 14 or 15 inch cap should snap on, depending on what size wheel you have.

That looks good to me. If you want a little more flash how about a set of trim rings ? That is all I am going to run on my rpu because of the hubcap mismatch sizes. Trim rings with those spiders you are running would look great IMO.



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