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7.10X15 Firestone bias plys with Cadillac Sombrero wheel covers on my Mercury

7.50X16 and 5.50X16 Firestone bias plys on Wheel Vintiques "Gennies" with 40 Ford caps on my coopay.
Dodge Dakota pattern 90's? Halibrand wheels gonna go on a 41 dodge


Centerlines on my 48 chevy flatbed
Yep, you're running my favorite combo.......black wheels, wide whites and chrome lug nuts! :cool:

Here's mine, 295/50 - 15's on the rear (old NOS T/A Radials with painted whitewalls) and some hand-me-down 185/65 - 15's on the front.......again with painted whitewalls. :eek:

1934 Ford 15" ribbed trim rings and 61-62 Ford hub caps

1950 Studebaker----Mickey Thompson Tri-Ribs made in 1962

My old 51 F1 Cragars SS

72 Chevelle more Cragars SS

70 AMX American Torque Thrusts

68 Mustang Cragar Drag Stars

71 Challenger Stock Rally Wheels

7" wide Keystones with 265/75R15 rear, 235/75R15 front. I think the wheel was last produced in 1967. When I got the wheels, they had a rough textured area in the center and on the sides of each spoke. A friend of mine painted the textured area black. That was about 3 years ago.....paint is holding up very well.[cl

Before and after pics.



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I've never seen another set......

That is a sweet looking combo Lynn! Is that going on "Buford" ?

Thanks Ray. Been runnin these on my 56 for 3-4 years. I get a lot of compliments on them. I'm planning on steel wheels (10" wide on the rear) for Buford and paintin them cream colored. BUT.....ya never know.....could happen! :cool::D

These are American Racing Stick 5's
We got them around 10 years ago and never seen another set [S :cool:


By the way, 4 weeks ago I sold this car to a buddy of mine, who had been after me for four years, yesterday he called and some as*hole stole it from him night before last.
Not sure if we'll ever see it again.


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a few of the wheels i picked up in the last few months...bought and then sold the 18" foose wheel for twice what i paid for them .. i have 4 of the vintage indy 500's (i think is what they are called) and a pair of the chrome torq thrusts . all came off cragslist


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195/60-15 and 295/50-15 BFG Radial TA on Real Wide5 Aluminum rims for my 27 T roadster


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