Where are Torchie and MM?

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so many folks that can be added to the list of missing. what was the tattoo girls name that went on a walkabout some years back? how about sam_fear, cr55, sgtpontiac, and neverdone for just a few.
I've been here since 2008. Dozens and dozens of folks have come and gone. You have to get used to it even though you develop a kinship with many of them. It isn't easy.
MercuryMac checking in.
I went on a looong camping trip with some friends. Three couples loaded up the campers and set out south and east. Eventually we got as far east as you can go in Canada, St Johns, Newfoundland. We wandered around Newfoundland for ten days checking out everything, including the Viking village that was operating in about 1000 AD. After eating some Balona, dancing a jig, reciting a Galic sentence, and then kissing a cod, we became horourary Newfoundlanders.
Then Prince Edward Island beckoned us, and it is just as beautiful as the postcards show. Back on the mainland, we drove alongside the Bay of Fundy and witnessed the high and low tides, [in some places 50 ft difference]. We then checked out Niagra Falls and headed west around the bottom of Lake Michigan, through Chicago. That was an interesting chunck of road right through that city at 70 miles an hour, with eight lanes of traffic, for this country boy. When we got settled in for the night, just west of Chicago, I waved towards the north, hoping you would see me Torchie and wave back. Anyhow, we're back home now.

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