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Hey Ho Guys. I didn't take that many pictures but a few and now I have them transferred into the computer.
#1 this is the tower that we went up in, right near Niagra Falls. We had lunch there in the revolving restaurant.
#2 one part of Niagra Falls, the river is split by Goat Island.
#3 the other part of the Falls. [these pictures were taken from the tower]
#4 Mr. and Mrs. Mac With the Canadian part of the Falls in the background.
We got to see all five of the Great Lakes, but I never got pictures.
#5 is some falls at Quebec City, that run into the St. Lawrence River near there. We crossed the St Lawrence River a few times on bridges and twice on ferries. That is a dang wide river.


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Heh heh, I wish I was Sam Eliot's brother, then I'd have a cool voice and a nicer mustache.
pic one: a bear on the side of the highway in British Columbia.
pic two: a salt lake, Lake Manitou in Saskatchewan. The Indians treated this lake as sacred.
pic three: Mrs. Mac posing beside the Terry Fox memorial. Terry Fox is a Canadian hero who after loosing a leg to cancer, decided to run across Canada. He dipped his toe in the Atlantic and ran west for over five thousand miles, but because he was invited to show up in many cities, he ran higgly-piggly through eastern and central Canada. When Cancer overtook him again in Ontario, he had a lot of miles behind him, but he had a long ways to go. His run ended near where this monument is.
Every year in the fall many Candian communities have Terry Fox runs to collect money for cancer research.


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