Woo Hoo, Bomber Seats (pics)

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May 11, 2007
Pompano Beach, Fl
Well, I finally got around to installing the bomber seats in my coupe. I've had them on the shelf for a while but have not been able to get to the installation. But this was a long weekend so I found the time. Although the job is not complete, it's functional and will probably stay in the current state for a month or two while I finish up some other things. Oh, and I installed one of the door panels that I made, if anubody remembers that thread.


This was the hold-up. I had to fab up these seat frames first. Just a small detail that no one else will care about, the truss pattern in the front of the frames match the bead rolls in the door panels that I made.


Some of the parts to make them:
Oh, and I almost forgot. I have a pair of these military surplus seat cushions/life rafts to use if I want, I can't decide which way I like the seats the best yet. No cushions ? Homade cushions with back? Military surplus cushions?

Lookin good , and strong too....... I like the old looking seat bottoms myself , can always put a new cushion inside , great job.
Very nice!

That is very sweet! I would definitely need cushions for these old bones!!! Really looks nice & u did a great job!

Cool looking seats. Looks like they were well thought out & built. Personally I'd go with the Military cushions with maybe some better cushioning inside.

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