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Mastr Blastr
May 17, 2007
I will be goin there on Sat to pic up my new project.Its a 29 pontiac coupe.Build to follow.


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Good start!

I will be goin there on Sat to pic up my new project.Its a 29 pontiac coupe.Build to follow.

Wow... u're really startin' from scratch there! That oughta keep ya occupied for a while! ; - > Lookin' forward to watchin' u're progress!

Its all there just not in the pic.I havent even seen it yet.I bought off of the DaBay last night.Car been apart and sittin in a hay loft since 58.
That looks like a great project. You can go a bunch of different directions with that one. I am looking forward to seeing which direction you choose.
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Congrats on the new project. I hope that you do a build thread so we can all follow along with the fun. I like the early Pontiac grills.

Here are some more pics of it.I cant wait til Satarday.


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Wow George, that thing looks solid. Can't wait til you get er home and start posting pictures and actually working on it. Are you going the restomod route or what? BTW, you know it HAS to have a Poncho engine, don't you? :D:D


PS, I just found the Ebay ad, man you did GOOOOOOOD!! You got a ton of very saleable parts there to some restorer, and you can probably make money on just them alone. I'm so happy for you.
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Thats why I bought it.Didnt look like anyone was interested.Plus its a pretty solid piece and its complete.I am not really sure wich way its headed yet.Most likely it will be Traditional.I need to get it here and get all the body parts all tacked together and then I need to do the old step back open fridge pull out a frosty one and look it over.
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You gotta get a "pondering chair" to go along with the beer. :D:D:D

Seriously, that thing looks great, and it's a coupe to boot.


Yupp I got one.Its a OCC bar stool that I got parked in front of my Box.I was just lookin at the front end.I was wondering if I could weld in a Model A crossmember in there and get rid of the leafs.As long as that chassis is any good.Good ideal or bad??
Nice,,no GREAT score, 35Mastr. This will be a fun build to follow. Whichever way you choose to run with this will be good.
Sure George, you could do that, but depending on how you go with the build it might be cool to use the two leaf springs and maybe just put a dropped tube axle under them. It would only take a couple of spring pads welded to the axle and would eliminate lots of parts like wishbones, etc.

The ride would be pretty good too.


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