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Jan 14, 2024
I started building this in 2009 and I have on and off worked on it. More off than on because it has never been right. Originally I built a T bucket frame for it but scrapped that because early front end parts were expensive for an early 20s kid. The picture is where it sat 10 years ago or so after the second ( really messed up looking ) frame which is most of a Ford Ranger frame but back halved with ladder bars.

Now that I’m married and in my mid 30s. The cab had not gotten scrapped like I had planned at one time. so I brought it to my new house, bought an original Model A frame and I’m going to do my best to make it into something.. it dimensionally is basically Model A truck cab except it’s 48” wide front and rear. That was done for comfort and ease of construction. The only thing I have left of the pictured frame is the ladder bars, and the rear axle.

For an engine, I have a Mercruiser 2.5 ( 153 Chevy 4cyl ) and I’ll probably get a 5spd from a V6 S10. Either T5 or an NVG trans. I’ll use Speedway for the front end and a Model T spring for the rear. I’ll use the ladder bars for radius rods if I can.


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Welcome to the forum! A lot of people don't realize what it takes (money & time) to build a car yourself but the main thing I've found is... never give up! Good luck & start a build thread, it's a great way to keep your interest up & you'll have a record of what you did later!

Hello, and welcome to the club, from northern Alberta.
I used a Ranger frame under my '36 Ford and I like it, but I had to whack the front end of the frame rails off a lot to get the fenders to fit over them. Your steering box is back further than mine so that is a good thing.
Good luck.
I will create a build thread later tonight when i collect all the pictures once again. That Ford Ranger frame has been scrapped. I have an original Model A frame that I will be using. I managed to find one that was clean and straight. And unmolested. I’ll peice it together with the help of Speedway Motors. Transverse spring front and rear. Basic stuff. I
May or may not box the frame. The Mercruiser 4cyl makes about 90hp at the crank in reality, so pretty much like dropping in a flathead. The open driveline may change it though

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