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Jan 12, 2016
Thought someone may have interest in my build.

I started with some misc. parts I bought from a guy who rebuilt a 40 Pick up and had some stuff leftover. The original plan was to use a 35 to 40 frame z it and drop it, but when I mocked it up it sat looked like a bag of A-holes. I hunted around and found a guy that would trade me for my freshly built Shovelhead rat for a 32 chassis with a 50 8ba.

I started by taking 8 inches off the bottom of the cab. I built a floor system out of 1 inch square tubing. Once everything looked like it was sorta squared up I took 8 inches out of the center. The tops of the doors were pinched and welded so they would look like roadster doors and the bottom hinges were moved up (I cut them off with the 8 inches off the bottom). Relocating the hinges was an adventure, but they now work nice. The windshield post are out of an MG midget. I sectioned 2 inches out of them and they are kind of grafted into the cowl. The dash was missing so it has a custom version. The steering wheel was a 38 with a bad outer hoop,It is epoxied into a 14 inch hoop to fit the narrow cab. The seat is a dodge minivan back seat narrowed 6 inches. The bed is on the floor in my shop, it has been shortened to 48 inches and is suffering from New England salt syndrome (rot). New pockets have been ordered. I will post a bunch of pictures and I appoligize for this not being more chronological. I will post pictures to this as I go along.
Just to be clear I am a carpenter by trade not a metal worker and I have a lot to learn. I wish I knew more about shrinking metals and working with sheet metal. The sheet metal stuff was done with a mig and a wet rag. The thicker tubing stuff was all stick welded. Some of you guys like Cornfield have some pretty mad skill and I hope I can pick up some tricks.
Thanks for lookin'


  • July 46 cab 1.jpg
    July 46 cab 1.jpg
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  • July 46 cab 2.jpg
    July 46 cab 2.jpg
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  • 32 before narrow.jpg
    32 before narrow.jpg
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  • 32 floor structure.jpg
    32 floor structure.jpg
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  • 32 mid narrow.jpg
    32 mid narrow.jpg
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  • July 46 cab 3.jpg
    July 46 cab 3.jpg
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  • June 46 cab 1.jpg
    June 46 cab 1.jpg
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  • cowl weld.jpg
    cowl weld.jpg
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    June 46 cab 4.jpg
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more pictures

Here is the cab mounted on the chassis. it has big little 35 wires and when done it will have a 32 radiator with a 46 hood top cut just below the belt line and a 48" bed. all sitting stock height. It has mech brakes but will be switched over to early hydros. Just put an industrial Chassis pedal system in it.


  • 32 hinge relocate 2.jpg
    32 hinge relocate 2.jpg
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  • shovelhead trade.jpg
    shovelhead trade.jpg
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  • 32 RPU dash.jpg
    32 RPU dash.jpg
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  • scotts 32 RPU 2.jpg
    scotts 32 RPU 2.jpg
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  • scotts 32 RPU.jpg
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I'll tell you, that ain't bad ! I like where it is going. and you've got it coming along well.

When I was in my teens a local guy had a similar rod made out of a Jeep pickup truck (1950's type) It really made a cool hot rod, and so will yours.

As I said in your intro thread, looks good.
For a wood cutter you do nice a job in steel [;)

Thanks for the pix and keep them coming[cl

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