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Had the Diamondback Auburn radials on the 34 Coupe with trim rings and 40 caps. At first I thought tire didn't fill the fenderwell as much. It could go down a couple inches but I'll live with it.
5.50r16 and 7.00r16


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Thanks Guys!
These are pie cut sidewall radials.
I'd let you know how they ride but I think my Pertronix module went out again #3!! I'm done with Pertronix.


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Thanks Guys!
These are pie cut sidewall radials.
I'd let you know how they ride but I think my Pertronix module went out again #3!! I'm done with Pertronix.

Are you talking about a 4 pin module on the Pertronix? I just changed mine out in error. Ran the same with a new module but just found water in my gas...probably from a bad fill up at the station I use. Never seen so much water in fuel by anything that could get in the vehicle from rain. Yesterday, I pulled the tank, emptied it, blew it fry with compressed air, blew the lines out, changed the filters and this am I removed the carb and blew it out. Added some dry fuel too. I've been using Pertronix on both my trucks for years and have had good service out of them.
I'm not sure how many pin it is. Here's the one I've been using. One that burned out was my fault I left the key on!


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Well heck I went and spent my entire months allowance on this baby ! It better be worth it. Between this and the tires I'm eating beanie weinies for a couple month.

Stromberg E-Fire electronic distributor and wires. Looks easy enough to hook up.


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Installed the distributor this morning. Easy job 2 bolts. Then on to the wires. I hate doing spark plug wires! I had to change it the solid core wires. I did then anyway because I couldn't get the wife to do them! 😆
Started right up first crank! I must have done something right.👍


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