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Thanks again for the kind words and support.
Here's some before and after pics. I didn't see the need to upset the apple cart when getting it registered at the DMV by showing them any before pics - they wouldn't have believed it was the same car :cool:


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    may 5 2013 36 packard 007.jpg
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Getting rid of the humpback really changes the look of these old sedans...I just saw a 38 Buick posted up locally... 4 door humpback... I thought to myself that needs the ZZ treatment

... Not sure which one I like more this or the caddy.. Both turned out super nice...The exhaust is so cool, are you going to enjoy this one or you going to send this one down the road like your other builds??

Can't wait to see what you create next
Thanks CORPO
I find myself looking at cars all the time now with an eye to how they can be restyled - I think maybe I'm a bit of a sucker for punishment....:eek:
Here's a photo comparo with the 34 Caddy. I intentionally designed it around those modern wheels but it would have been interesting to see it with wide whites too...
Yes, this one is destined for a new owner in the near future.


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I love the caddy. The transformation that it underwent was/is amazing.

Don't get me wrong, this one is excellent also.

If I had the money, I would comission a king cab truck of the same vintage as these cars. The starting point could be a car or a truck, you have the skills to go at it from either direction.

You'll need to be really patient, I won't be starting another 'till next spring. :(
However, the next one is already set - a 37 Packard 115 3 window coupe body my buddy has had rusting in his barn since the 1970's.

I know it won't be long before you escape to AZ. You can build it in your head and on paper while you're there and give us some sneak peeks of what ya got planned. [P

I only have these pics of it, it does have all the fenders, hood, grille and doors, no trunk lid tho...

What, no trunk lid? That's no hill for a stepper like you! :D Looks like a solid body to start with. [dr Patiently awaiting spring [P[P
Here's a rough idea - lowering of course, section the body 3" in front tapering to zero over the rear wheels to bring the tall nose down, slant the A pillars back with no window chop and chop the rear of the top about 2" - much better profile and the roof fits the body better I think...


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