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That floor is a work of art.[cl[cl[cl

What kind of E brake lever do you want, Cane style underdash pull, underdash foot pedal, or lift up floor lever?

Fox Mustangs and similar sized cars usually have console mounted floor levers, you could even mount it crosswise in front of the seat if space is limited. C4 Corvettes have one that mounts between the door and the seat, the good thing about them is you pull it up, then you can push the lever back down so it sits low enough you can get out without having to climb over it. When you get ready to go, you just press the button and it releases.
Nice floor, Kenny.
Here's a picture of my '36 E-brake handle. I like it.


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Thanks Bama. I am looking for a console mounted type. I will look into Mustang I have to make it work with Ford 9" from a 69 Mustang. I have a set of Lokar cables that aren't in the best shape and a little bit of hardware
Kenny, if you're worried that this kind of handle won't hook up to stock brake cables, don't. They hook up just fine. In the picture you'll see the front ends of the E-brake cables at the top.
Keep on tinkering.


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Thanks Mac. I'll look into it. Right now I'm pretty broke so I'm looking for cheap and available. You know "free" . I have a line on a few options from junk cars at my cousins. Thanks again.[;)
Thanks guys. It is a motorized Irvan Smith. I also have a cheap harbor freight English wheel that I used to stretch the metal before rolling in the beads. It keeps the panel flatter when you roll in the beads.
Shifter and Parking brake

A few more pieces of the puzzle. I have a little to report. I got the throttle, tv, and shifter cables from E-bay. Throttle and tv/kickdown cable was pretty standard stuff so I won't bore you. I scrounged a parking brake handle from a fox body Mustang from my cousin. It is a simple set up, it has a threaded rod for adjustment with a balance bar. I attached it and the Hurst ratchet shifter to a length of 2x2 light angle iron. At the rear of the angle there is a 1/4" plate for adjusters that the cables run through. This is just mocked up and the cables need to be cut to length and ends made for in the balance bar.. For the shifter I had to use a 9' cable and it wraps all the way around the tranny. Thanks for checking in on the progress.


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Today's fun

Got a little more done. Drivers side front cab corner replaced. Not much but progress.


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With your lever setup, will it leave you room for a console?

It will be very narrow. There is enough room for a cup holder between the shifter cover and the hand brake lever. I may make it wider in front of the shifter. Right now it is way down on the list of things to worry about. Thanks for checking in on me.
I've been working on the truck again. I didn't get much done over the summer. Busy with work and side work. I did get the bed mocked together. I screwed that up. It hangs too low in the right front corner. I couldn't see it while it was crammed in the corner but it looks bad now that is out in the open. I've been working on trying to correct the sins I committed on the roof. I seem to be making it worse every time I work on it. So far I've cut the band that I added to expand the roof out twice because I warp the roof so bad that I can't get the oil canning out of it. If I do It is so out of shape that it would take more than a half an inch of body filler. I going to cut it out again and start over again. I'm close to needing another roof.

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