1938 caddy rat?

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OK, how about this [S .....


El Cadarino.....[ddd:D



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Look like a flower car but cooler ZZ. I would slpe the ends of the rear quarters to match the rear fender lines.
I'd do it in a heart beat.:cool:
I must admit that I am partial to the dual sidemounts. Back in the day that was one of the trademarks of a luxury car of limo.
[P [P [P
That car has a really nice body, clean mostly straight and mostly rust free. It looks like a resto job to me. But like skip said aint my car, just my opinion. That is a great find.
I like the two door ZZ treatment, He makes it look so easy I might even give it a go someday...
I guess I'm in the minority because the proportions of the 2-door concept just don't look quite right to me, the roof seems too short and the hood too long. It looks better in original proportions to my eye.

I'm with bob w and ModAChuck, I'd leave the body as is. If you want to make some kind of freaky rat rod dually, there are cars you would be doing a lot less disservice to than that one. In my opinion any mods made to that Cadillac should only attempt to make it more elegant, not less.

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