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Jan 14, 2024
This will be a build thread for my scratch built rat project. It started in 2009 and has had many changes through the years, and has been dormant for years because I could never get it 'right'. So I have scrapped everything except the cab and have obtained a stock unmolested Model A frame. Engine will most likely be a Mercruiser 120hp 2.5L ( Chevy II 153 engine ). S10 NVG or T5 manual, depending on what I can find. . Speedway motors for the suspension and steering bits. The cab is getting chopped off where the channel is, which is 6". All in all, it is a little goofy looking still. I may do something with the cowl and make a filler panel for dimension. But 20 year old me started it.


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I’m going to the junkyard this weekend for a roof for my wife’s truck ( rotted cab lights. Deleting them ). Going to try to find some stuff for the Rat too
I really wanted to work on it today. I fetched my MIG welder out of storage, and even got the last full sheet of 18ga sheeting out of storage for it. The body never had all the panels welded all the way. I've also decided to keep some of the channel. I'm going to modify it so that the channel is 3". The total channel built into the body as it sits is 6". I'm going to build another structure at 3" and chop it off below... Well my welder, in storage ruptured the gas regulator diaphragm, and I wasn't spending $100 locally so I'll have to wait a week.. At least I know I still have a bit of gas.

I did buy the Speedway universal door latch set, as they were my original plan, and the cheapest option.. They are actually cab slam latches, for tractor/ industrial use. MFG by A.L Hansen.. I held them up to see what it will take to put them in, and it won't be too bad. They can latch directly onto the 1" square tubing the body skeleton is made of. I think I'm going to mount them with rivet nuts
I see you haven't cut off that steam train cowl and flattened it out yet.:) We talked about it a couple of years ago on another board....
I see you haven't cut off that steam train cowl and flattened it out yet.:) We talked about it a couple of years ago on another board....
I’ve got ideas on giving it a nose job by adding an extra dimension to the cowl. I’m getting my tools back together. I never expected to actually finish this thing, but I’ve got some time and space so I might as well
My father in law just offered me a Willys flathead 6cyl that he has in a shed up by the woods. I’ve never seen it, but he’s supposed to have axles and transmission. I would need to convert or get a 2wd trans. Not sure what engine it is or could be. I think he said it was a Hercules 6. But Willy’s I think used a few
Blazing your own trail! Take a look at my Hercules build, may help you with ideas for your pickup. It's the third one I've built, and I learn more every time, and one of those things is - give yourself lots of legroom - driving with your knees up hitting the steering wheel gets old real fast...
Have fun!!

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