1951 Ford F1

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Busted and Rusted on Route 66
Dec 21, 2007
Edgewood, New Mexico off Route 66
Started the build on my 1951 Ford F1 project. Has a basic 2 X 3X 3/16 frame 26" wide in the front to 31" wide in the rear with a 12" rear kick-up. I have a 48" Super Bell 4" drop I-beam front axle with spring behind hairpin radius rod suicide mount for the front and Coil-over hairpin radius rod rear. The front brakes are 11" Chevy discs on Ford spindles and the rear end is a 10 bolt Posi 3.73 with stock drums.

I've posted pictures of the engine before it is a Chevy 250 6 inline with a 3 X 1 Offy manifold. I'm will build straight pipes for ot using the flanges from a header. I have a 350 TH lying around from my Chevelle so I'll use it.

I want to get a rolling chassis done and put the engine and body on the frame just so it takes up less room in the shop and I can move it around. Then I'll get back on the 50 Studebaker project.


Nice project... love that building too! I want one!!! I just ran across this foto today. The Gasmonkey Garage sold it on daBay last year!

Well...I have to agree with the others, I think the project is really cool and I especially like the shop:D
Het Tripper

Do you have any other pics of that F-1??? I LOVE IT!!! Is that one yours?? Does it have a removeable top or just plain topless??
Project looks great, and so does your shop. Frame and rear suspension looks right. Rear panhard bar?

Thanks guys. Yeah, I really like my shop too. I promised myself I would have one someday. I can spend a lot of time out there but at least my wife knows where to find me. ;)

Yes, it will have a front and rear panhard bar. I still have to weld all the brackets on the frame. I haven't got my front axle or spring in yet. Should be here next week and then I will get the engine and trans in and set it for ride height and get the radius rod and panhard bar brackets welded on.
That's a good looking truck! Thanks for the advise on building my cab dolly too. I'm looking forward to lots of pics of your build. What did the grill come from? I like it too.


51 f-1 Ford
1951 Ford F1 project

Got some more parts in Friday had me waiting all week. So I was able to get some more done on the F1.

I had some time this week so, I made a WWW out of a tire that was on my Chevelle when I bought it. They are brand new and are on a 14" Nova wheels. Not my first choice but they are taking up room so I'll use em up. I have some Crager SS wheels I'll use later. I wanted to use a 15" X10" US Indy Slotted wheel but the bolt circle is 5 X 5 and doesn't fit my 10 bolt. Took the grinder out and ground off the black on the tire to expose the white wall I thought they would be little wider and go all the way to the rim. The white was real thin so I ground through on a few spots. I'll touch up with some white paint and paint the area next to the rim. Cheaper than Coker!!!

I placed the gas tank in the back to see how it would look. AC tractor gas tank. I've got lots of tractor parts laying around

Mocked up the front end with the spring and 4" drop I-beam axle. Minneapolis Moline Z grille with Guide headlights. I may make different mounts later.

I made a mount for the rear panhard bar out of 3/8" and welded it on. I haven't got my radius rod/coil spring mount in yet so I can't get the rear end in yet.

I mocked up the spindles on the axle and checked where I would mount the spring perches to the wishbones. Estimated the ride height and caster is about 6 degrees.

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Ford F1 project

I originally was going to use hairpins in the front. But I got a good deal on these wishbones and I like the look better. So, I decided to use them.

I made some mounts out of 1/2" similar to donsrod. So I could mount the spring behind the axle and lower it some more. Thanks Don! I still have to drill the holes.

I welded the bungs in and will use a tie rod end.

I going to try and finish the front end tomorrow....mount spring, mock up brakes, and maybe make a few more WWWs.

Cool. I'm liking the bones. I think it was a good idea. I still can't believe the wife came out to check on you end ended up with a grinder in hand. You're pretty slick.:D
Finished up on the front end today. I drilled the holes in my spring/shock mounting bracket and welded it on to the bones. I used 1/2" so it should be plenty stout.

I also welded on the rear wishbone mounting bracket. As it sits it's at about 4-5 degrees. It should increase a little as it gets some weight on it.


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