1959 Pontiac Star Chief

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Jun 21, 2010
Lebanon, MO.
Sold the 26’ Dodge back in October, worked on our 68’ C10 and sold that, then picked up this 1959 Pontiac Star Chief.

My son was a bit Leery of it, but I have always loved Pontiacs and really thought this one was pretty cool. Figured the Dodge was a build that he had wanted to do, so now we’re doing one more of what I like.

Car was found by a coworker of my son. He was there to pick up another car and saw this one, sent us these pictures and ultimately picked up both cars. It had sat in the same spot since 1967 with just over 15,000 miles on the odometer. The car had been run off into a ditch and ripped the passenger side a-arm mounting from the frame. We assume that’s the reason it never hit the road again.


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When we first got it home, we had to set it out behind the barn until a spot in the shop got cleared out. This proved to have been a poor idea, seeing that it was a complete PITA to get it drug up to the shop.


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Once we got it in there, we started disassembly.


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I'm with you, old Pontiacs are very cool. This one looks to be a sweet project. Looking forward to the progress [P
Thanks for all the comments everyone.

This is the first 59’ Star Chief I’ve ever seen (in person) that was a two door, for that alone I had to save it.

Wow! It's hard that it was "totaled" for so little damage.

The car was sitting on a private lot, so I think it was one of those “I’ll get to it someday” projects rather than totaled. Really couldn’t find any other reason for it to have sat than the a-arm. All the rest of the damage looked like a result of it sitting.
So what are the plans for it? ....Full restoration? ....Early 60's hot rod? ....Lowrider? ....As-Is-Driver?

Plan is to have the interior and exterior (aside from wheels and stance) look like the 59’ Star Chief, but have the chassis and drive train updated. 4 wheel disk brakes, rack-in-pinion, LS1 engine, etc.

We want to be able to drive this one anywhere.
Nice looking old Pontiac, looks like you have a lot of work ahead. A friend of mine that i worked with had one in 1966. We used to run whiskey from Louisville to Sandy Hook every weekend. We had to beef up the rear suspension to keep it from looking like a tail dragger! This was before i was a policeman.:D
Certainly was a great car for such activities, the trunk is HUGE!

With the volume of the trunk, I would imagine the whiskey to fill it would have weighed a lot! :eek:
Yes it will keep us busy for a long time.

I really like the design on the interior. Our plan for the interior is to have all of it redone with the same design, colors and materials.
Not really after full restoration quality, but have it look close to factory.


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