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Animal is right on the channeling.
I didn't see anywhere in your posts that you were going to channel it.
9 times out of ten it's not a good idea. Z-ing the frame is a better one.
Take a look at the 35 Dodge link on my signature and you'll see I had to un-channel it 6 inches then Z the chassis, before anyone could drive it, including me and I'm only 5-9.
It needed the firewall extended 6 inches or so to be real comfortable.
I didn't see your post about channeling it either.
I chopped my last truck cab 4 inches and then channeled it 6 to cover the frame.
Things get tight real fast when you channel.
But it's yours so do what you want.[ddd
[P [P [P
Animal, Old Iron, Skip, Torchie, yeah not really much of a channel May work out to 1" or so. I am going to put running boards back on which Kind of give it a lower appearance. With my initial mockup the frame looked like it just disappeared behind the running boards.
Going to try and keep it at around 4" ride height. Who knows may pony up for hydraulic coilovers down the road.

This is close to how it will sit on the frame plus 1/4" for body mounts. Just sitting on my jig right now.


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I'm 6'2" and channeled my Willys about 4-5 inches. It's tight for sure. It's fine for running around town but I wouldn't want to go on any road trips in it. With the running boards on yours, you won't need to go any lower than you are to cover the frame anyway so you should be good.
Been working a bit in the shop the past few nights. Spent a night just getting all the pieces close to where it needs to be. Last night I cut the filler piece for the door jamb. For whatever reason I have been extremely apprehensive about cutting this second cab roof up. May have something to do with getting the drip rail line just right. Still not exact but getting closer.
Didn't matter where I cut my filler piece from the curve was wrong. Ended up making a couple relief cuts and pressed some of the arch out.
First pic is pre de-arching
Second is post de-arching. Still out a bit, need better lighting. Have to take pictures to see if is right.


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Stretching a cab is really easy in PhotoShop. :D It looks like you got it done in real life. [cl

In chopping up anything like this relief cuts are your friend.
Once you get into the late 30's most trucks cabs have very rounded roofs with little to any flat area on them.
Doing what you are doing is akin to taking a ball and slicing it in half and then adding a filler piece to tie the two back together. It going to have a flat area.
You won't find a straight piece of cutter so you are doing what I have done before which is to find the flattest piece possible. Make some cut in it and flatten it out.
I like to use a piece of angle iron clamped across the gaps(Like your gutter area) to help hold things in place as well as giving me that straight line that I need to make the gutter look and fit right.
Keep at it you are doing great.
[P [P [P
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It's looking good so far. It's a lot of work but attention to detail will pay off in the long run. I found that clamping a piece of 1/4 round rod into the gutters helps align thing a lot since it will fit down in the curve in the gutter and kind lock it in place. I'm no expert and have only done one chop myself but if you look through my 36 build thread, I tried to detail what I did with as much detail as I could. You might at least see some things in there that help you avoid some of the mistakes I made and there might be a trick or two that is helpful. I had a buddy who has done 15 or so chops giving me pointers that all seemed to be spot on.
Haven't had a lot of time with work and construction of my shop. Did manage to get out and start to fill the gap in the roof. Hope to have the rest of the cab pinned together next stint home.
And a small bomber seat for my nephew. May do full size seats if the little one. Works out


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