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Sure is a nice looking ride [cl will be sad to see it go, I've been lucky with my sales, they all went far far away and I didn't have to see them again. [cl
Yeah, I hope, if it goes, it goes far away. The coupe went to southern NM and the Plymouth went to the Netherlands, so I don't have to see them. :)
July has been a tough month for us...I developed Plantar Fasciitis that makes it hard to stand or walk much...then I developed a mysterious inflammation that causes muscle and nerve spasms in my neck, shoulders and back.and yesterday a big chunk of one of the exterior adobe walls of our house fell out, exposing some really serious structural problems. Long story short, I think I need to get the front end fixed, have an alignment done, then sell the car to help finance a trailer house so we'll have a place to live after we knock the house down. I may need to go back to work, as well, if anyone will hire a 67 year old who can't walk or turn his head. :D I wonder what a 67-year-old "gently used" kidney is worth on the open market these days.

If things work out (and I win the lottery), I'll post any further progress on the car here. If not, I'll post a for sale ad in the appropriate thread.

Sorry to hear about all your issues. Let me give you some advice on the foot problem. I had the same plantar fascitis ailment you have. I went to a foot Dr and he said "We call this the 3 Dr visit, 6 month disease". I went 3 times, got 3 shots into my foot, and in 6 months, it was gone.

I had them fit me with custom shoe inserts that I use religiously, and I have never had another flare up. Try it, it is curable.
Wow ,when things turned bad they really went bad for you Larry. Sorry to hear about the problems. I to have the foot ailment, my Doc told me to get a pair of Redwing high arch insoles for my shoes, the are made for plantar fasciitis. They are fairly expensive but they cured my problem, just have to replace them once a year.
We'll, things are kinda crazy. We found a trailer to take the place of our old adobe house, but haven't moved it yet. I'm waiting for a local contractor to give us a quote on creating a level pad to place it on as well as demolish and haul off the old house. Then there's erecting a pole for the electrical service, digging trenches for water, sewer, and electric, etc. With a pick and shovel. I've been stupid busy. It still looks like the Ford will be sacrificed to fund part of the expenses. A friend told me he'd make me a smoking deal on an old Mustang he has if the '56 goes away. I honestly can't even think about cars until I get a home set up safe and comfortable for my wife. I'll try to check in more often.
Hi guys. We're living in the old house, hope to be able to stay here until the trailer is set and hooked up. I got he neck and other associated pains pretty much under control. The Plantar Fasciitis is better, but I occasionally have a bad day or two. The people we bought the trailer from will be cleared out Wednesday, if all goes well. Then the hard work will start. The man I build food trucks and trailers for is interested in the Ford, and wants me to build at least one more truck, maybe two, over the Fall and Winter.

He winters in Florida (his home), so if I sell him the Ford, I may need to drive it there for him. :)
Well, we're plugging along. We got the trailer moved, set, and tied down. I set a pole for electrical service and mounted the meter base, main panel, and mast. I also dug a 75' trench and wired from the pole to the breaker panel in the trailer. I'm waiting for the inspector to come take a look. I still need to dig trenches for water, septic, and propane lines. I'm running new black pipe under the trailer today, from the gas inlet to the far end to be closer to where we'll set the propane tank. I got a local Amish company cutting metal roofing panels to length and fabricating trim for skirting. We also found a killer deal on laminated flooring for a dollar a square foot to replace the peel and stick flooring in the kitchen and dining room. We have a long way to go. I gave up on attending any car shows or events for the rest of the year, but may be able to keep the car if we don't run into any crazy stuff. Thanks for your concern. It's nice to know people are hoping for the best.😊
Sometimes we have an anxious financial moment and getting rid of a prized possession looks to be the only remedy.
Here's hoping things keep going in the right direction for you.

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