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Thanks for the kind words, guys. My Plantar Fasciitis is still being stubborn...I try to ignore the pain in that foot until the workday is over. The neck pain is mostly gone. Both knees get angry by early afternoon, so I try to ignore them as well. As soon as we get all the necessities taken care of so we can move into the trailer, I'll start working on the other, paying gigs. I have two food trucks to build and some work helping a friend get some big projects done at his welding shop. If I get to the point where I can work pretty much full-time, I think the car will be safe. Thanks again. I'll try to update things as we progress.
Well things are going slow on the home front. The State of Colorado is making it hard to please them in order to get approval to set our trailer(which is already set). They keep changing the rules, making it hard to pass the inspection process. I finally got all the extra blocking, bracing, and supports done. I got the bad siding cut out and replaced, then painted the entire trailer. The trim on the front has been added and I was hoping to get the back and ends trimmed, but winter is here, snow and all. As soon as I get that accomplished, I'll be able to add skirting and have the inspector come fail us in order to find out what else he wants. This is really a frustrating process. I hope all of you are doing well and enjoying Thanksgiving. Here are a couple before and after pics of the progress so far.


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Your home is coming along nicely. Too bad winter is interfering.

Maybe you can write a book on how we need more government interference in our lives.
It looks really nice but i know how inspectors can be, power trip i'm thinking :mad
Glad is coming along even if slowly. Hang in there.:)
the formal motto for any govt agency is "we're not happy till you're not happy". I have deal with inspectors and commissioners and even the CPSC and the FAA and the one thing they all have in common is the firmness and availability of the word "no".

but looks like you are gaining. my guess is someone in the neighborhood is buddies with someone important and is harping about a manufactured home. my mother in law went through this selling her place, no axles, on a foundation, excellently maintained, and two lenders declined because it was a manufactured home.

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