56 Ford Fairlane hardtop.

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Life keeps happening to me, so I haven't got back to this car for a while. Well, today was the day. I pushed the pump up onto its mount and bolted it on. Then replaced the filter, again.
The pictures are looking up at the mounting spot, and looking up at the pump mounted.


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More fixing on the Fairlane today. The oil filter has been leaking so I changed it out and that worked for a few miles but it started dripping again. I took it off and took off the adapter that changes a cannister type to a spin-on and checked it all over. It looked good to me so I cleaned it up and reinstalled it and the filter, and I magically fixed it. I don't know how. [can I write about magic here]?
Anyhow, I've been trying to find out why I don't have my overdrive anymore, and today I took out my kick-down switch, [from a really horrible place on the front of the toeboard], and checked it. When I was installing my motor I must have bumped the switch and bent one electrical spade so it touched another one. Did I mention that it was the job from heck. There was the exhaust pipe, the clutch linkage, the shifter rails, the belhousing, the speedometer cable, and the emergency brake cable all competing with my hand in there.
On my test drive to another car show, I found that I had fixed the overdrive problem.
Although my euphoria was short lived. Remember, that I said I had a shorting out coil at the last carshow, but that I had hillbillyed it to get home and then fixed it in a less hillbilly fashion. Well, not good enough. We had just got out on the four-lane and up to speed when the car quit again. Mrs. Mac gave me the look as we rolled to a stop. I was so optimistic that I had brought no tools. So, I wandered through the ditch until I found a plastic water bottle and then cut a bunch of small squares out of it and jambed them in between the coil and its bracket. It started right up and drove to the show. And back home again.
A country boy fix with his pocket knife! Love it! Not many men carry a knife anymore, but they sure come in handy it situations like this![cl
Well E-man I'm glad I'm good for something.
Yes, Bama, I still carry a pocketknife, and Boy am I glad.
No, Dutch, I did not give Mrs. Mac the look right back.
McGyver, McGyver, that's kinda catchy, ---- but he didn't have almost 50 years of trucking in the wilderness where you had to fix your own stuff to get back to the shop so you could fix it right.
Thank you Guys for following along.
This breakdown is not in the 'major' category. But I have to tell you something now and then. I broke the end of the 'potmetal' pivot rod on my trunk lock cover. This cover plate should swing out of the way when you want to insert your key, and then you can swing it back when the trunk latch is unlocked, to keep out the dust and water. On the inside of the trunk there is a spring around the pivot rod and, I assume, some kind of stopper on the end to hold tension on the cover plate, so it can be moved sideways but still stay in the trunk lid. The end was broken off so I made a new stopper out of a really small bolt. I tapped out the inside of the pivot rod and made a washer just big enough to hold the spring but small enough to move in the confined space.


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I think I cured another oil leak. Every-time I started the car up and backed out of the shop or shed, I noticed quite a trail of oil on the floor. I carried an extra litre of oil with me and checked the dipstick a lot. The oil level didn't go down much on longer trips, and with that wide of an oil trail I was scratchin' my head. Then a friend [the tractor whisperer] said "You know, I think you got the new oil pump relief valve set too tight so you have a hundred pounds oil pressure when the engine is cold and the filter O-ring can't hold the oil in. When the oil warms up some the pressure goes down and the car doesn't leak most of the time."
This man can lay his hands on the hood of an ailing tractor an mumble an incantation and heal your tractor up. I am hoping his magic works on cars too.
Anyhow, I changed oil yesterday and pulled the spring out of the pressure relief valve and held it up beside another one that I had. Whooooa. The new one was a way longer, [see picture]. I installed the shorter one and drove away, whistling. The oil light isn't on any longer than it ever was.


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