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Aug 26, 2020
Northern NJ
Little story for you guys..... When my youngest boy was 14 he wanted to build a car. He wanted a 66 but they were going for too much money and settled for a 68. It was great working in the garage with him listening to classic rock.... the same music I listened to building my first car. We took it down to bare metal, replaced the floor pans ect. He did all the welding, floor pans, very rotted window channel, rockers ect. It was a classic 70's styled street car. Lifted in the back, air shocks, tires sticking out of the wheel wells, my paint job.
350/350 blah blah blah. The car really came out awesome. I was always unhappy with the fact that we painted the firewall and fender wells satin black. I'm really a smoothed firewall, the color of the car guy. Couple pics of the first round below


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I'd stand proud (and 'ain't I just the coolest guy alive), too. Looks good. [cl [cl [cl

Tell him some old guy from the left coast let a 66 go to the round-e-round track back in the mid 70s. That is why they are rare now.
So he calls me up one day and says hey pop....come on up I wana show you something. He started by smoothing the fire wall, then went into a new front sub frame lip with tubular a-arms, disc brakes, poly bushings, close ratio steering box, 454 big block with dual 4 barrels punched out 496, Trimec TKO 600 5 speed standard trans with OD, mini tub, frame stiffiners, roll bar, 2018 mustang interior ect

He really outdid himself and me as well. He liked doing this work so much that when we finished the car back then he went to work for a body shop and is still there. To me there's been nothing better than getting him started in this and watching him just blow me away with skills.

Here's some pics of how it sits now...



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That is sweet! He should be glad he went for the newer Nova since they are larger & easier to slam in a big block! Beautiful!

Couper, you brought back memories. When I got married, they threw in a car with the daughter. It was a blue '68, but an Acadian, [Canadian Pontiac, Nova look-a-like, I think], but the grille and hood looked about the same. [Not that I thought more about the car than the daughter].
Anyhow, nice looking car.
As Toad mentioned, the wife's brothers were trying to stuff a 396 into an older Nova at the time. It didn't go well.

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