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The Mulletmobile cowl is from a sedan and as a result the A pillars are at an angle so the front doors are flared when closed. Like the carpenter square in the first pic. It was necessary to persuade them into a position so the door , when closed would run straight down the body, as shown in the second pic. I forced them into position and welded internal bracing as shown in the third pic. Will start making doors tomorrow.


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Started on the door frames today. Lots of plotting, planning and figuring and a little cutting, forming and welding. Relocated the upper hinge to the position you see. Should move the lower hinge down but I'm too lazy.

The curve of the cowl and the Chevy quarter panel are very close. The quarter is pretty flexible so it can be adjusted as needed.


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Looking good Bob. A lot like where I started with my Graham. I like following your progress so thanks for posting the pics!
Thanks, guys. I'm glad some of you like following along. Completed the driver door frame. Just have to skin it. First, I make the other door frame. The overall look of the Hupmobile cowl and the Chevy quarters creates a decent roadster profile. Doesn't look too odd. The Hup. cowl has more crown than I like.

I left room under the door for a rocker panel, sill and subframe in order to tie the cowl and quarters together.

Went for a ride in my truck yesterday and when I got home this 4.0 liter Jeep engine was in it. I already have a 305 Chevy for the roadster project. I read somewhere that a 258 Jeep crank and .030" stroker pistons results in 280 cu. in. Saw a dyno test where a fairly mild build resulted in over 300 HP. Boy, that would run in the high 10's in a dragster. The wheels are a-turning...


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Got sidetracked taking the Jeep engine apart. All I'm going to use is the bare block. It is the desirable one.

I did manage to get all the parts cut out for the passenger door frame.

Mainly, I'm spending my time raking and leaf blowing. Shouldn't have planted so many trees 24 years ago..
The passenger door frame is done. Now time to add the door skins. Hopefully tomorrow.


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Not much to show. And I hate to show this when Dutch is exhibiting world class skills in metal shaping. Anyhow, I did manage to get one door skinned. Still some adjusting and welding to do.. I guess I had some clamps too tight and created some minor dents.

I'm spending most of my time as a Leaf Removal Engineer.


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