A Massey-Harris 33.

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Ya Mac, we have all been there, gear drives are not your friend.:mad: Your uncle had a good idea. That exhaust riser looks real nice.
Kenny, the castiron manifold kept getting more and more complicated until it drove me nuts. So, when I started it didn't seem like it was going to be that big of a job, but now I'm smarter. The square tube idea would be a way easier to weld on but there would be a lot of angles to figure out and cut exactly.
Today I mostly learned patience. When welding up tired old exhaust manifold cracks, one way is to keep everything as cold as your mother-in- laws lips. So, I welded little spots one at a time. Anyhow, the manifold is welded up now and set back on the tractor.
I also put the hood on many times to see if it fit. The radiator filler spout was too far ahead, and the air breather stack was too far back. They, now come out through there respective holes in the hood.
I was embarrassed at my sideways progress yesterday and today so I didn't take any pictures. I have the exhaust manifold bolted onto the motor now, but I found out that I should have bolted the exhaust and intake manifolds together before I bolted them to the tractor. There is a gap between them where exhaust is supposed to go into the intake manifold and warm it up. I cleaned up the inside of the hood and painted it.
I had painted the inside of the hood yesterday, so #1 pic.
Today I loosened both of the manifolds off and bolted them together in the middle where the outlet is, and then retightened the manifold nuts. That worked out, [pics 2&3]. Then I threw on the half painted hood and lo and behold, the new exhaust pipe came out centered in its proper hole, [pic 4]. Now the ordinary exhaust pipe is welded to the real pipe collar that is welded to outlet flange, and re-installed.


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MM - That looks like a real clean setup.[;) Any thing more you will be doing before you put it to work on the club show circuit?
Oh ya, 28, there is quite a bit of body work on the grille and then painting. Then I have to paint the fenders and install them. The seat and the dash are sitting there in primer also. I won't be bored any time soon.
I've painted the outside of the hood, the dash, and part of the seat now. But, I had some runs in one side of the hood so I sanded it down and repainted it. I was worried that the hood would fall off of its coggely perch so I gently went to move it to a more secure position, and it spang out of my hands, and I grabbed it so it wouldn't fall on the floor. I ended up smearing the fresh paint with fingerprints and it fell on the floor anyhow.
Then I thought the dash was out of balance on a jug that it sat on so I went to move it and enough paint had sprayed through all of the holes in the dash that it temporarily stuck to the jug and came up weirdly. I over-reacted and caught it, ---- smearing fingerprints in the new paint on the front of the dash. I went to the house in disgust.
It turns out that lot's of sanding and washing the fresh paint off your hands with acetone really cracks up your fingers, so no bragging from me.
Even although the paint is a little green, I sanded the front of the dash off and re-primed it today. I still wouldn't go near the hood though.
I had added a wee bit of length to my exhaust header pipe to change up the size, so today I mounted it back on. Then, because this is a six cylinder motor in a four cylinder tractor the exhaust manifold is too close to the air-cleaner and the intake pipe, so I wrapped some of the manifold with insulation. I had bought some thin little titanium hose clamps to hold the insulation on, so they make it look weird. See pic one.
If I ever get the hood back on there, the voltage regulator will be hard to reach so I wired the generator to the regulator, all with cloth covered wire.


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A little more wiring happened today.
The hold down bolts on the hood have scarred the gas tank somewhat every time I tried the hood on there so I masked and re-painted the bottom half of the tank. The seat, dash, and some of the hood is painted.

Of on a tangent, I've been fixing up a fiberglass headlight bucket from a Honda tryke that the 4-H kids are rebuilding. It is all put together, primed and painted too.


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You and me both, 28.
I took on a quick little job today and managed to stretch it out for many hours. The dash was beckoning me, so I mounted the gauges and switches. The weird part about a Massey-Harris dash is that you have to wire it all before you mount it because once you bolt it in place onto the back of the gas tank, you can't get at it anymore.


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MM - Ya but it is still better wiring it on your bench than standing on your head doing it when mounted. :) Looks real clean and ready to mount. [P

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