1950 International L-112....Bringing a farm truck back to life!

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Oct 28, 2014
Lawrence county Ohio
* The back story is a long one....sorry :D Scroll past if you just want to see some pictures.

Since I was a kid, I've always wanted this old International Farm truck that my Grandpa had. I always told everyone I was going to fix it up one day. My Grandpa and most of the family, were/are old school farmers who NEVER get rid of anything. Their farm is like a massive museum of farm equipment scattered all over 298 acres. I tried and tried to get his old trucks and he never would turn loose of any. I almost lost out to my cousin a few years ago when he wanted it for his first truck (I was ticked too) but he quickly shot down the idea when he saw how bad it was. I tried to acquire it shortly thereafter but it was back to "ahh I might need it someday." Now I'm 28, almost 29 and FINALLY acquired the truck of my dreams.....well day dreams more like it. Last thanksgiving (2013) I was out there and my grandpa was in bad shape by this time and I started prodding around about the old trucks. Finally my aunt talked my Grandma into giving them to me before they rotted any further into the ground. My Grandpa was starting to have some pretty bad dementia by this time and he basically had no say so. I let it set a while longer because I had a lot going on at the time. The truck was bought NEW in 1950 by my Grandpa. It's a 50 "hidden hinge" L-112. It was the first vehicle my grandparents had ever bought new! He drove it until sometime in 1963 (which is the year the tags on it were) and used it as a farm truck only until 68/69 from what my dad and aunt can remember. Starting it up 2-3 times a year to only take in hay was hard on it and finally it just go parked for good. On July 14, 2014 my dad and I un-earthed it from where it had sat/sunk/rotted since the late 60's.....never even being moved again. I can only imagine my face when it moved from the first jerk of the tractor. I couldn't believe it was finally going to get a new life! I steered it behind the tractor for close to a mile I think, being pulled almost all the way across the farm through the fields and over to my dads where I could get a trailer to it at my convenience. Sadly my Grandpa passed away in September (I think the 5th) at the ripe old age of 95! Took a while to get around to hauling it home because I had been working the bugs out of my 86 Chevy (Also my Papaws truck) but on 11/15/14 (almost a year from when it was officially "mine") dad and I loaded it on the trailer, with a winch and a tractor lifting the whole rear and drug it to my house fenders flipping and heads turning. I shoved it in my basement/garage 11/24/14 and started tearing it down 11/28/14. Tonight is 12/05/14 and I've got all but the cab itself and what's left of a bed floor sitting on the chassis. I'll pull the cab next and roll the chassis, along with motor and tranny out shortly I hope. It's in far worse shape than I thought it was and I knew it was really bad! If it didn't have so much sentimental value, it would be trash. I've already been told it's too far gone several times over......BUT I've got time and it's a complete truck. If it have to patch it together with pop rivets and sheet metal patches that are layered one on the other, then that's what I'll do. I don't care what it looks like, it's a rat rod! I'm a welder, I built derby cars for years and I've got friends who've built rats before........it can be fixed. I'm not in a hurry, just in a hurry to tear it down, so I can start welding up the cab. Not sure if I'm going to build a new frame or source one. I kind-of own a 78'ish Caddy that I ha intentions of derby'ing BUT now I'm thinking I'd rather use the chassis. But I'll have to talk to my buddy about it because we were kinda in the middle of a trade and he got incarcerated......SO really hadn't planned on that happening. ANYWAY my goal is 3 1/2 years. Only reason being, is that I want to be able to take my boy to his first day of Kindergarden in the truck. He's got race fuel in his veins already and he's not quite 2. I just think it would be really cool to be dropped off in a rat rod, that you "helped" your dad build" your very first day of school!

So there's that, now I'll try to post some pictures!!!!
Cool story, and great collection of trucks! Can't wait to set the pics. I have an International cab as well. I was told it is a '49, but it may be later, as it has the dual back windows. No title, but have the ID tag that says "L-110?" Guess I had better check that out. Anyway, welcome and post pics please!!! :)
Heres a couple from the day we pulled it out and over to my dads...I have no idea why I never thought to get pictures of it at anytime I've had it hooked to a tractor. Too much adrenaline I guess haha.

And here's some of the cab:

*Note the 50 on the firewall*

Wow! Has potential, though. I think I had that same truck back in the California desert. A red one with the most pitted windshield ever! And yeah, my cab is the same shape and configuration, but mine has external hinges. Yours was almost trapped in a tree cage! ;)
Yea, after 1950 they had the external hinges. It's a shame they let it sit the way they did. If they'd have parked it in the BARN in the 60's......it'd really be something. My Grandma and Aunt always talk about how pretty the red was lol. But I'm pumped. I'll post some more pics tomorrow. Going from IPhone, to photobucket, to here is a pain with so many pictures.
Here's one that was parked right beside it since about 1990/1991.....it's mine now too. 69 C-30, that they bought off my great uncle on my moms side LONG before my parents ever met, so it's kinda special too! Can't get fire to the plugs, but it's on the to do list lol.

Awesome story man! You gotta keep the plates with the old tags and put them in the truck somewhere, kinda a tribute to grandma and grandpa.

Your is the exact same truck as mine, color and everything! Only difference I think is yours is a 112 and mine is a 110.
I've got a soft spot for c series pickups. One day I wanna do a c series with a 5.9 cummins. Someday.
Looking forward to your progress!
Yea, after 1950 they had the external hinges. It's a shame they let it sit the way they did. If they'd have parked it in the BARN in the 60's......it'd really be something. My Grandma and Aunt always talk about how pretty the red was lol. But I'm pumped. I'll post some more pics tomorrow. Going from IPhone, to photobucket, to here is a pain with so many pictures.

Thanks for the info. Guess I have some more searching to do. Lovin' that C30 also! That is one LONG truck! Don't you dare paint any of them! :D
Yea the C-30 is a "Cab and Chassis" it's got a 12' bed on it, but it was designed for a 10' really. Someone extended it. I'm not going to paint them, believe me lol. The patina on the chevy is even better in person. It's the most perfect patina I've ever seen......like it came from Texas or something.

Dad told me the other day that my Grandpa and his brother in law went up north back in the early 60's in the international to get a Bull. I guess it was the first Charolais bull (the white ones) anywhere around here. Anyway they went up to get it in the truck and on the way back it went nuts and ran it's horn through one of the back windows! They said they thought it was going to come through the cab hahaha! So that's why the one back window is shattered I think? He must have bought two new rear glasses too, because there were two seals with shattered glass in them under the seat frame......along with a ton of other parts.
Hahaha! That sounds like a real load of bull. And it was !!! :D

Got a pic of that '77 K-10? I love those years of Chevy truck. Wish I'd kept the '78 I had, but got talked into a misguided trade a few years back.
Here's a few pics of the 77 you wanted to see.....it's pretty rough lol.

And here beside my 86....it was my Papaws too. It's my daily driver now. Its in fantastic shape for what it is. Only has 82,000 on it.
Mmmmmm, ruuuuuust. LOL

The IH is looking good! Those "mud tires" are especially cool, and with white walls too!

As for that '77, well, MAN is that a pile o' holes and rot !!! Poor thing. Looks like it is the "worst" of the lot. Has to be one rotten egg in the bunch. Now we know which one it is!
Haha, yea the other trucks are all really solid, other than the IH. The 77 is by far the worst though. BUT I have plans for it too lol. My dad bought when it was only a few months old from the original owner that didn't like it or something.....he had it from March'ish 77 until about 91, traded it to his buddy for a deer rifle. His buddy used it for a couple years as a firewood truck and then it sat for 12-15 years. He offered it back to me a few years ago for what he had in the gun that he had traded to my dad, a whopping $250 for a 4000+lb scrap metal of nothing else. BUT it's got a 350, 4-speed, 12-bolt rear and Dana 44 front AND every bit of the wiring works! I fogged the cylinders, clean the plugs and sprayed some Sea Foam Deep Creep in the carb and it fired right up on the first whirl!!! Our buddy instantly offered me my money back and usually does anytime he sees me, lol.

Plan for the 77 is a 100% body swap. Out neighbor had a clean 79 C-10 I'd love to get my hands on for it OR find a 67-72 body priced right :D

As for the "Mud Tires" it's been a wet few weeks and our house "New" my wife said she thinks we moved in a year ago today actually. So still plenty of mud out there, especially when it rains.
I'm actually considering using the wiring harness from the 77 to wire my IH....the body is obviously junk, but the harness has headlights, dimmer, wipers, radio, door jam switches, dome light, signals, plate lights, etc.....so why not?!?! I plan to use the bed floor for the IH also and use it's bedsides to build my Boy a truck BED for his room! Makes sense to me as long as the mice don't chew the harness before I'm ready for it.
Donor '77. It will give its life (at least what is left of it) so that another may carry on! Sounds like a good heap o' parts for the price. ;)
Ahhh....belive me, the idea has been tossed around! I just think I'd rather have it low and fast. I'm all about lifted trucks, but I want a rat rod to cruise around. I've looked at gobs of 4x4 Rats too, but I couldn't talk myself into it haha.

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