A Massey-Harris 33.

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The first picture is a shot of behind the dash. It's almost in place but I can't hook up the oil line as it seems too short. I unhooked the other end of the oil line and pulled it back a wee bit and hooked the dash end together and then installed the dash onto the back of the fuel tank. [#2 pic].
The seat is on there now, [pic 3].
I threw the hood over the tractor and it looks pretty good. [pic 4].


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Is this your tractor or are you building these for someone else?
If it's yours, are you selling them when you're done?
Just being nosey :D
One fine looking MH-33. Very nice/clean dash wiring setup. [cl

When you going to move some dirt with your restored unit.:D
Thank you Guys. It's coming along nicely.
OI, this is my tractor and I'm building it to be building something. No plans for sale. Though, my wife is planning an auction sale about one hour after my funeral.
28, It will be working this summer. We have a fun plow-day each summer. I always hope to run a threshing machine in the fall, so there's that also.
The exhaust system is finished and the air intake system is done.
All of the wiring is also done except the lights.
Today I helped a friend get the rear-end out of my old pick-up, a '79 Ford.


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Short rant here..Why did later manufacturers of tractors move away from the only suspension available in a tractor? I love that big coil spring idea, along with others on the older equipment. I've had them with heavy single leaf straight springs, some with U-shaped leaf springs, some with the T-bar and spring set-up and all were better at protecting one's physical health when the job calls for long hours with no chance for some ease except to stand up for a while...which I usually do anyway for circulation.
Before it gets too far, I know some still have a spring mechanism but they are made out of cheap steel, and painted, in a box style lever and spring set up that only resembles a real cushion. On top of that a small in area solo seat covered with the hardest foam thin pad for cushion. The only ones like that I have, when the moisture got to it, immediately lost it's paint which allowed it to rust and seize the lever/spring box. It's like trying to sit on a concrete slab. And seat belts? On a tractor? Good googly moogly, if I screw up and it's gonna roll, I'm gonna bail!!!
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There's a new, sliding battery box made 33. It will mount under the gas tank and the battery will slide in and out, hopefully.
Most of my week-end was taken up by a new venture; a surprise venture for you and me. I'll open a new thread.


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Today I tweaked the battery tray, flapper wheeled it smoother, primed and painted it. The reason there is no pictures of it, is just after I painted it, the wire that I was holding it up with, straightened out and the tray dropped in the snow. If I'd taken a picture, all you would have seen is me holding a slightly bent red wire and cursing.
Here is the sliding battery tray, painted and mounted. As I was 'test mounting' it, I realized that I needed a few more things on it. So I welded on a tab to hold the tray from jiggling out while I'm driving, and then two different ways to hold the battery down. You'll see close to you, a tab in the last picture that has a bolt hole in it, well there's another tab under that also with a hole in it, so you can drop a bolt in there to hold the tray secure.


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