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Older and more rusted every day!
May 10, 2007
Central Tejas
After my last build where I started with only a shell of a body & some sticks & sheets of steel, it's refreshing to work on my new wagon project that only needs a new engine/trans, re-wiring & a lil brake work. No more ground up builds for the Ol Tripper!!!

My Wife is retire next week and will be working part time. I already work part time. I figure with less money coming in I would be scaling back on projects. I recently built a drift trike. I still have my 89 F150 that I will tinker with. I originally bought it to completely rebuild but never really got to it. Lately I have been more in a clean and throw out phase. I vow I will never put the tools away for good as long as I can. Jim
Hey Tripper

I am so with you on that....currently working thru a ground up ole jalopy as we speak...I am enjoying but would love to get my next one to not be so intense...it keeps me busy but damn it is such a slow process for sure...

Glad you are having fun with not so intense of a build...

Different strokes for different folks. First pic is my current project. Next pic is the early Dodge pick up in its present state. Last pic is what I'm shooting for. This should end my 'ground up" hot rod building saga.


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At my age and stage of life every build is more complex than the last. My A is going to be the most complicated build I've done. I'm excited for the challenge and skills I'll learn along the way. I'm not excited for the time invested, but excited to reap the rewards afterwards.
I’m so slow, I can’t even start to think about starting another one!:D

I’ve got my late Son’s 82 F100 I sorta want to build, but it will be the largest frame off I’ve ever done if I do it. It’s one of those, I want to but don’t want to deals.

I would like to build something totally useless, like a fiberglass roadster, from scratch. I say useless, because it would seldom get driven when complete, only on days when the temps were just right.

Hopefully, plenty of time to make that decision.

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