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Jul 9, 2007
Little Rock, AR
I found this at the salvage yard today. The guy didn't know what make or brand it was or really anything about it. It had a Holley 4bbl with cleaner sitting on top of it so I'm wondering if it works. Does anyone know what type of blower this is and if it will work on a SBC 350 4bbl intake manifold? This is one of the areas I'm still learning a lot so some help would be appreciated. I know blowers are really expensive and I might be able to get this one cheap.

If ya need more pics I can try to get some tomorrow... just let me know.



looks like a jimmy diesel blower, by the time you get the intake, carb intake, drives and pullies, you could buy a new one..and thats if its doesnt need rebuilding. price it all out first. BDS, wieand, ect.. good luck
It's a 53-series GMC blower. Not much use to a rodder, no accessories available, bushings instead of ball bearings, too small displacement, etc. It's a Leverite (Leave 'er right there!).
Thanks guys. I think I'll pass on this one.

If it's cheap enough should I buy it just to take it apart and use as a learning tool? I'm new to wrenching on motors and need to learn something about these.
Well, you know, Zora Arkus-Duntov put a 4-53 blower on a brand new '55 265 to see how tough the new Chevy was. It put out pretty good power if I recall right. There is some potential there, but the bigger ones are easier to set up with available parts.
Looks like one off a Detroit 6v53 model diesel. Plenty of parts available if you have contacts to military surplus suppliers. Not sure of the suitability for a car application.

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