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Aug 25, 2010
Pensacola Fla
CNC Plasma cutter table plans for sale (over 60 sets of plans sold since April 2013)
The plans cover a complete construction of a CNC table that can be used for plasma, routing, and light milling of aluminum parts. Basic plans are for a 4’ X 4’ cutting area but can be easily changed to a larger or smaller table. Drawings and .tap files for cutting parts the rest are standard steel angle and square tubing. Complete parts list with vender for bearings, electronics, and drive components. Including wiring diagrams for motor circuits and computer connections, construction of floating head torch mount and water table. The cost for building this table is about $1300. Plus your plasma unit. Included are informational videos showing how to set up and use SheetCam for parts placement and cutting order.
Instructions are in the form or .PDF files and are on CDs with constructions pictures.
The plans are $20. shipping is $4.00 in the US and $10. non-US postage.
Payment can be made to PayPal account name [email protected]

If you are interested I also sell a kit that has the parts for the slider, motor mounts and connecting parts cut from ¼” steel for the table. Cost is $150. including the plans plus shipping of $18.50. Or $135 after you buy the plans plus $18.50 shipping.
Other parts are available too
My email is [email protected] if you have questions.
Have fun


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