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Thanks all.
Taking a break today.
It was already 80 by the time i got moving this morning.
My brother is stopping by tomorrow so we will see what mischief we can get into.
A Dodge and a Caddy day.

Started the morning out with a tasty almond tea ring made by Mrs T.:eek::D
Brother came over and we spent the first part of the morning figuring out some things on the 318 in a S-10 chassis.:eek:
The stock manifolds will not work. Hits the control arms and a bunch of other stuff.
Looks like headers are in the forecast. Speedway used to make a set of U-Weld for the 318's Not any more.
And my local parts vendor told me that their policy on headers is once you open the box. You own them. No returns unless the store will take them. Which they don't.
Any info on the best place to buy what will most likely be a set of long tube headers. Please let me know. As with everything on thing car. I will probably have to modify them.
The other thing we looked at was the engine location. As it sits now there will need to be some fire wall recessing done.
And of course the S-10 front mounted steering box is right where the core support needs to go.:rolleyes:
Things are getting crowded in there, fast. LOL


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great stuff! [cl[cl[cl

can you raise the motor a little? its a great way to save money on headers on s10 chassis.

The problem is that the manifolds I have are center dump , joedoh.
Thats what is hitting the the control arm.
I am picking ip a DS manifold from a 94-03 5.2 Dodge Dakota. Rear dump and much slimmer in design.
I dont really want headers. They don’t do much to improve the 318 performance.
And as you mentioned. Manifolds are much cheaper then headers. Especially if I can source a set of used ones.
Thanks for the comment.
A couple 340hp manifolds would do the trick.... they would probably set you back more than the cost of the car so far tho... :p
I`d stay away from headers if possible. I just hate them for a whole bunch of reasons.
What Dutch said, 340 manifolds, the ones that have the left one upswept to clear the steering box and rear dump. Dodge Dart, etc.
Oh crap, just checked on Fleabay, prices are insane, Dutch is right again! Do you have a friendly boneyard nearby that might give a better deal?
This may sound dumb, and I'm not familiar with the bolt pattern, could you install the manifold up side down? Then you could use an elbow to exit the exhaust to where you have room for it.
Thanks guys.
I have a DS manifold from. 93-03 Dakota waiting for me to try for fitment.
Rear dump and much slimmer then the ones I have.
Local yards want about $50.00 apiece. New is about $75 each if I go that route.
Ebay stuff has gone cray cray. Not to mention shipping costs.😳
We will see how the Dakota fits...... Maybe tomorrow.
I'd like to order one cake please.

Not in the business anymore. Bruno.:D [ddd
Thanks though and good to hear from you.:cool:
Back to the manifolds.
First pic shows what I have.
Second pic is what is waiting for me.
off of a 93 Dakota with a 318.
We shall see tomorrow.....


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Manifold clearance issue solved.[cl [cl :cool: :cool:
93-03 Dodge Dakota- 318 Manifolds.
Good space above the upper control arm. Lots of room with the rear dump.
The brother is picking up a set from his local pick and pull as we speak.
Less then half the price of 2 new ones.:cool:[cl
Keep on keeping on.....


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I have to thank my brother for this one gang.��
He did the research. And he is the one that has a pick and pull by his house.
My local yard might have a set as well so that’s a fall back.
My brother and I have had our share of differences over the years. But we always could get together when it came to cars.
As far as I am concerned, the best thing about both my builds is the fact that it has brought us back together.
I told him the last time he was here it was like a time machine. I was 14 and he was 16 and we were back working on cars together.
Helps to make it all worth while.
Being out of the mainstream sometimes brings unique problems. Remember I had a similar exhaust problem with the Linc, Explorer manifolds were my solution. It just takes a little extra effort to find those factory gems that most folks throw away. Good for you and your brother to have the patience to get it figured out. One more step to a cool ride!

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