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I visited him on Friday (yesterday), and he is failing fairly rapidly. The tumor is in his head (not as he reported) and in the frontal lobe. It is encapsulated with blood vessels, so the neuro surgeon said it was inoperable. Initially, when he first reported this in this thread, he was experiencing issues with his balance; was getting confused and forgetting what he was trying to say; and having dexterity issues in his hands.

Some of the "Doctors" wanted to do a biopsy to determine if the tumor was "C", but his neuro surgeon said that doing a biopsy could do more damage to his condition then he currently was experiencing.

So...he is home in a hospital bed with hospice visiting frequently. His speech is quiet and difficult to hear (I am pretty deaf!), and it appears that he is speaking more from the left side of his mouth, which I am sure is due to tumor growth.

He said that he was going to check out this site, but I doubt if he is capable of doing it, as well as being able to communicate in written text.

Having said all this, he seemed to appreciate all the concern expressed by all of you fine folks.

He wants me to list the Dodge-ski (what we called Dodges as kids 'cause they were built in Hamtramck, Michigan, which was almost all Polish back then). :rolleyes:

That is all for now.
We appreciate you Technician. It's not easy to bring this kind of medical update. Your brother has been very supportive of all of us here. Our concern and compassion are real as you know. Thinking of Torchie.
Torchie is gone

Karl passed away this morning. I got it 2nd hand from our sister this evening.
Unfortunately, that is all I know.
Thank you for all the kind words and folks meant a lot to him.

Steve aka Technician


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Damn, I didn’t want to see this. Just so hard to believe, seems like it was just a few days ago he was finishing up on the Caddy and getting ready for winter. He sure will be missed around here, his wit and wisdom was second to none. Prayers for his family and friends.
From my first days on this forum, Torchie stood out as one of you guys I wanted to watch regularly on his threads. I felt funny when I caught myself griping about aches and pains when Torchie was making things work while missing body parts. He was all heart and surely will be remembered here!
Rest in peace Karl!
A sad day indeed, like the others have said, not the news we wanted to hear....
Torchies “keep on keeping on” mantra was a philosophy that we all should aspire to live by, he always seemed to look to tomorrow for for a brighter day.
We’ve all lost someone that can’t be replaced, now we have to carry the torch for him.

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