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The grille keeps making me think of a home made Hudson one from about '51.

Opinion section: Torchie I've been studying the chops for you and come up with a plan. It's got to be a slanty chop, two inches more in the back than the front. This usually looks better on 50's cars anyway, but especially on a Mopar.

Pretty much what I had in mind Mac. When I get to that point I will cut the roof. Set the front pillar height (I'm thinking about a 3" chop there) and drop the rear till it looks good. The rear window will stay stock and will lay forward. I am also thinking about extending the rear quarters to give it some more length.

When I owned this '49 people used to ask if I was going to chop it. I'd tell them it is already chopped. You could say that is too subtle of a chop.

I am going to look at a 4 door 1950 Dodge coronet in a couple of days bob. May be a good donor car for my build. I like the 50 grilles better then the 49.
The saga begins...

Always easier getting it off the trailer then on.:D
Not too much of a problem getting it on except for the fact that the flat PS tire was also frozen. So we used a floor jack, my trusty electric winch as well as an assist from a bobcat to lift the back end.
Once home we used the old tried and true method of lashing a tow rope to a tree and SLOWLY pulling the trailer out.:eek: :cool:
Hey bob w. It looks like I got the hood off of you old 49 4 door.[ddd
I have found a 1950 Dodge coronet for sale nearby that I am going to go take a look at. It's a four door but I can still use lots of parts off it and hopefully it has a grill as I like the look of the 50 better then the 49 and mine doesn't have one.
That's it for now.
Thanks for looking in......


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Never been a Dodge guy but my buddy lives and breathes early 50's Mopars! He loves to find ones barely hanging on, fix them up, sell them and move on to the next one. Says he loves saving them! [;)

way cool Torchie, Looking forward to another project.
ps. don`t clean yer camera with wd40 ;):p

I had an innocent bystander taking the pics dutch. They didn't know to wipe the Mahogany sawdust off of it first.....:eek:
Or...... maybe I was going for the "Glamour" shot look.[ddd
go man go!

although.. in my years I have learned that calling a rollback costs pennies compared to getting my trailer hooked and dragging something dead up on it.

Agreed joedoh.
In my area it is hard to get one to show up for a job like this. They all just want to do your basic AAA calls and such.
And so it goes.....
Warning. Pic heavy posts.

Started to clean out the debris from inside the Dodgeski.
Trunk area first.
better then I thought it would be.
The bottom of the lid is in really good shape with a little surface rust. This is a prime rot area.
The 3rd light is intact and the trunk handle turns freely.


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PS door bottom and and floor board are solid as well. I stood on the rocker and it didn't move.:eek: :)
Door bottom has just a bit of surface rust on the one end. Door hinges swing free and the area around the bottom of the door post is solid.[cl


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Last ones.

PS front fender as well as what appears to be all of the inner fenders.
A little spot of rust on the bottom corner of the front fender. The rest is just surface rust with no signs of collision damage.
The steering wheel only has 2 cracks and amazingly enough the horn ring is not cracked at all.:D
All in all I am as my Drs. would say, "Cautiously optimistic." :p
Tomorrow will be the DS and as we all know the DS always seems to be in worse shape.
Thanks for putting up with me....


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This is looking great so far. [cl
I was lucky to find a replacement trunk floor for my Plymouth. It was all missing except the spare tire well.
Thanks Gang.
Not fooling my self that there is much work to be done and as always I will find more bad stuff but off to a good start.

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