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Old Iron is next. In Missouri. Beautiful country. PM him for his address.

Don't forget a pic for "proof" that is made it there. I haven't tallied up the mileage, but I will.

I sure appreciate you guys for taking part.

I think it is a great idea Bob and Thank you for getting going.

PM sent OI��
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Thanks Glen
This will give me something to occupy a little time after this weeks quadruple bypass.
Went in last Monday for a planned open heart, came home yesterday. All went well.
Went in for a checkup 2018 and was told all was good. Things just kept getting worse until another doctor found the problems.
All the arteries were blocked and flowing the same amount and was fooling the computer.
Wow OI! It sure is important to recognize your symptoms. I had two bypass surgeries eight years apart. So I know you are a little sore. The first grafts are still good after 28 years. So you can expect good results.

I did have some stents thrown in a couple years ago but they are in different places.

The surgeons and procedures nowadays are amazing.

Heal fast. Build hot rods.
Holy S$%t Old Iron, thoughts and prayers coming from up here as well. The DVD will be in the mail Monday morning.



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It goes to Bill M. in Ontario next. Should have grouped the Canada members to cut down on postage. PM Bill to get his address. If postage is too high, let me know.
A little over 14,000 miles, smallfoot. It's going by order of the requests. Not the shortest route.

After Bill M. it goes to Couper then to lowbudget50.

That's all the requests I see. Time for some more guys to request it. Would like to see it orbit the planet once.
The wife and I watched the DVD last night.
I liked it but, the last part of the movie wouldn't finish playing. It stopped with what I figure was 7 to 15 minutes to go. We went to the scene part of the DVD and it indicated there were a lot more scenes to go.
The last thing we seen was a mouth with a cigarette sticking out of it.
PM sent to BillM

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