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The wife washed it with Dawn and it played flawlessly[cl
It was definitely worth it:cool::cool::cool:
I will send this on it's way when BillM contacts me.
Here's the routing according to the order of the requests. I could be wrong though.

Bill M. to Couper to lowbudget50 to zzrodder to 05snowpro440.

Feel free to switch around to save intercountry postage.

This is going a lot better than I had hoped. Glad you all are enjoying it.

Don't forget the picture of the case with an area of interest from where you live. It adds to interest.
Springfield Mo



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Sorry guys, DW and I were down south for a week and I see it arrived while we were away! I'll be sure to watch it this weekend and it'll be back into the mail on Monday. Remind me who it goes to next?
There has been no foul committed :)
bobw, It is a little pricey to ship it in and out of Canada so, sending it to the members in Canada first then back to the lower 48 may be the way to go. This is just my opinion and what ever the rest of y'all decide works for me.
I'm all for saving postage.

Bill M. can I get your town so I can calculate distance from Old Iron's residence? Thanks.

P.S. Don't forget the picture.
I'm ok with shipping to where ever you guys think it needs to go - just let me know what the consensus is. Alternatively - DW and I were considering another trip west, so I could always deliver it to ZZ in the next month or two! ;-)

Caledonia ON, I'll get a picture later today or tomorrow.

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