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Here's a quick pic I took in town today. I haven't had time to watch it yet, but possibly tonight. Ancaster swap meet tomorrow so I'll be up at the crack of dawn!


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Why don't you Canadian boys send it among y'all then we'll get it back in the Lower 48.

It has travelled 14,974 miles.
I mailed it to Snopro yesterday. I tried to watch it but it kept freezing up and then finally froze solid about 3/4 way through. Hopefully it was just my DVD player and you guys will have a little more luck with it!
For the next person that experiences a freeze up, wash the disc with Dawn in as hot water as you can stand, rinse then dry it with a towel.
We watched the movie over the weekend. At first we found it a bit confusing since it was playing the DVD chapters out of order [S, so we had to piece together the story until we realized it. We went back to the DVD menu, selected scenes, and from there selecting a scene it played normally. Very strange.

I did wash the disc so it didn't skip at all on us.

The other half and I quite enjoyed it. It was a pretty compelling story and the car elements made it even more enjoyable. :) I enjoyed the Winfield and Hines cameos, plus the El Mirage shots.

I've attached my photo of the disc with my newly acquired yard art, a sulky horse-drawn plow which played a big part in farming in Canada (and the US) in the early 1900's. Plus my 46 in the background.

I'll have it off to the post office to go to ZZ by tomorrow.



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Ultra, very cool pic and explanation. Thanks.

I'm glad you liked the movie. I found the flashbacks a bit confusing.

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