Did you ever swipe the parent's car?

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Not a my parents house! If mom and dad were away, the neighbors would have let them know we had the car out before we could get back home with it. We lived in that neighborhood from the time I was in 6th grade, and Mom lived there up until last year. Nothing happened near that house mom and dad didn't know about, and my sisters and I all knew that. Wasn't a good plan to do something dumb. and an even worst plan not to come clean when questioned.

After I bought my own car, going home one evening, I slid on slippery pavement (may have been going a little fast) and broke off a stop sign post, about a 1/4 mile from home. Dad asked about that stop sign post when I got home! This was in a rural road and I swear, there was no one anywhere near there.

On the other hand, Dad pretty much gave me the keys for his 2nd car as soon as I got a job and could pay for gas and insurance. That 2nd car was a 64 Oldsmobile with a 394 4v, and dad kept it running like a top.

Was about the same deal with my kids. My wife and I was pretty well connected when our kids became teenagers. There wasn't much I didn't know about their escapades. It didn't take them long to figure that out either.
I didn't need to or particularly want to. I bought my own vehicle at 15 the year before I was legally able to drive by myself. My dad had a 60 Chevy my mom had a 64 Dart and I could have borrowed them with asking. But I thought my old 42 Ford Jeep was way cooler...
No way! They just barely let me use one of theirs, and they kept the keys in their pockets
I had been married probably 3-4 years when my pickup broke down, I was surprised when they let me use theirs for a couple of weeks until I got mine fixed. After that, I used it again a few times, even did some work on it for them. But as soon as I could afford it, I added a spare vehicle to my fleet so I didn’t have to borrow anybody’s vehicles.
Yep,, snuck out my bedroom window at age 13 and the neighbor friend and I went out joy riding.
We had done this about six times and finally got stopped by the police. They called dad and he showed up on 53 panhead took me home and proceeded to beat my azz.
At 14 I taught myself to drive a clutch in my Moms 68 Datsun wagon. Boy, that was a helluv an afternoon. Then later that year me and a few of my buddies took my Dads 69 Toronado out for a couple of hours while my parents were out with friends. I backed into a Vega in a parking lot and took off as fast as that car would go. About a week later the police showed up at my house as the driver of the Vega got the plate number and a description of me. My Dad beat the living heck out of me, even threw me down the stairs! The Vega sustained a 54.00 dent in its door raising my offense to a felony because it was over 50.00. I got probation and 2 years deferred prosecution. Needless to say, after that I never took my parents car out again.
All the time! Since I was 14. Dad used to leave his keys by the door, and as soon as they went to bed, I was out and about. I'm surprised at how much I got away with, and look back and wonder how...

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