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Chapter 6:



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These stories are great. I had once toyed with the idea of starting a web site for people to write about their experiences, their legacy etched for future generations to read and hope that family history is not lost to time and fading memories of those left behind. Unfortunately, there are many sites similar in this philosophy so I haven't given it any real effort.
Colin is going on vacation so there will be a delay until the next installment.

I'm kinda doing what you alluded to Maverick, on the Poetry Thread. Some of the entries are autobiographical in nature. There's certainly room for short stories there, too.

And, the Throwback Thursday thread could be used for that stuff also.
And some more ;)

Thanks again to Bob for allowing me to help share these fun stories! Now that Dr. C is on the mend, maybe he'll have more anecdotes to share!



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Now that Dr. C is back I hope he doesn't mind these emails being posted. It's such a good story, and well written.

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