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A pickup bed was the original idea, but I do like the heck put of my chevy too. Big rig tires would require the flatbed to be way up there.
Maybe a wrecker/ service style of bed with the rounded off top and rear. That would hide the fender wells and the higher bed floor.
[P Who would build something with such a big truck

Excited to see what you do with it
Two more days before I get to drive to Nebraska and pick up my new cab. I think my arm has healed up enough (surgery for a pinched nerve) to safely do it. I can hardly wait to see it in person and see what kind of work I have ahead of me.
Reading about the new Euro 7 emissions regulations....I may be building my very own Mad Max truck. The drivetrain is all million mile stuff. I just need to add massive bumpers.
Is there a way that you could graft the new cab with the fire truck body to make it closed cab and keep the unibody style look?

Probably wouldn't be too hard if I wanted to keep it stock wheelbase. I think I'm going to shorten it some and section the panel above the running boards...and lower the truck a bunch. I'm thinking this might be my daily driver.
It sure filled up the bed of my pickup.


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Well, we made it home with the cab. Kentucky to Nebraska to Kentucky with no problems. There is some rust to deal with, but that should be easier than scratch building a cab.

This thing is BIG. Roughly the size of a full side truck. Doors are 36" long. 34" tall to the window opening. 66" wide between the door posts.

Sliding window is neat. Both sides can be opened.

Gauge cluster is neat too.

Overall. I'm happy with my $400 snow plow cab.


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That cab has tons of charisma. A great buy. Excited to see your build.

I dig the styling. It looks like a 20's or 30's pickup cab, but bigger.

Can't decide if the "corner windows" need to go away. It would look older without them, but I'm sure they make it more fun to drive.
I still say it looks like an old White or REO cab. Wonder what Mercury Man would say? He knows a lot about those old truck cabs. It wasn’t unusual for somebody like a snow plow or sweeper builder to buy their cabs ready built from another company.

I once hauled a couple of fire truck cabs from a plant in KY to LA to a place that builds fire trucks. Think it was Ferra or something like that.

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