Extreme Engine Makeover-Hemi Time

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Nice work Gastrick, cant wait.
Are those solid mounts?

The bottom part will have a urethane bushing. In the last photo its bolted to the mount but not attached to the chassis yet. If you look real close, you can see it in there.

Thanks Bonehead. I'll work on the video.
Those mounts are looking good, Bill. I was right, this is GOOD. Take your time with it. We'll be right here while you work your usual magic.
Man that is going to be Awesome when you get done. the motor mount are too cool.
This is better than watching the Discovery Channel. Can't wait to see what its gonna look like, That is one nice car.
Good Grief. My internet has been down the last couple of days...man I missed alot.

That looks great as usual Gas. Can't wait to see it go down the road.
Years ago I had a 51 F1 w/a 392...loved that engine.
man i was out a couple of days and look what he's gone and done!:eek:
that is one beautiful car...when it had the sbc.....now it looks cool even w/o a motor.....so i know it will look good with that hemi!:cool:
and if you need a place to store that old sbc i could help ya out;):D
Can't think of a better way to start the NEW YEAR than with a HEMI, look's like youv'e done your homework, and your at the top of the class, motor mount's look great. Im goin be watching this post and already know how it will turn out, keep up the great work Bill.
Thanks for the kind words fellas.

Not a lot to show in pictures but we finished up the engine mounts today and removed the hoist. The engine will have to be removed in order to finish weld and gussett the drivers side due to some close clearances at the steering box.

But first, look who showed up at my shop today. The often imitated, never duplicated, one and only, Donsrods. He came over from the left coast of Fla to pick up an intake and carbs for his son that I had. It's always good to see Don.

Here's the finished (except for some final welding and shaping) engine mounts. Nothing fancy.

Alright. Here's where it gets silly. I broke into my dad's parts stash and took his valve covers and blower and stuck them on the mock-up engine for some photo fun. The actual engine configuration that's going in the car can be seen in the background.

Tomorrow, I'll do a final fitment check and then pull the mock up engine out, finish welding the mounts, cut off the old mounts, and do some work on the new look for the firewall. My brother (speedracer) is pitching in and helping with that. If we get enough done to justify photos, I'll add them tomorrow night.

When I scrolled down & saw that huffer sittin' on top there I could not believe my eyes! Dude... u're Pops must have a wicked parts stash!!! Mine had a lot of stuff but dang sure didn't have anything like that just hangin' around!!! :eek:

Bob, I actually used to own that aluminum lung. It was on top of a big block Chevy. Me and my dad trade parts around a lot. In fact, he used to own my coupe before I did in a slightly different form :D

Not a whole lot to report today. I'm feeling a bit under the weather. My brother (speed racer) came over and we pulled out the mock-up engine. We then encated a plan to spruce up the bland firewall. RRR member 24dodge suggested that I make the firewall match the interior panels. We didnt finish but all of the pieces are made and mostly laid out. It's hard to tell what the finished firewall will look like based on this picture but the folks that have seen photos of my interior know where this is headed.

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looks like really good progress....love all the pics-never get tired of seeing other people work ;):D

seriously i love that car, and all you're doing will just make it better

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