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Sorry, I guess I messed up the thread.. I don't get an "edit" button on it to take it out.
Anyway, Gastrick's ride makes that truck look like it has not been started on yet.

No need to try and remove it. I welcome and enjoy the pics and conversation in any thread. Sometimes you have to think outside the bus...er...uh...I mean box.:D

Gastrick, i must tell you that i truly appreciate you sharing all that work with us here on the RRR...
I don't get much done on mine, and when i get a chance to work on it i never have a camera, (or anything as exciting to work on as a duece w/ a hemi!!)

the workmanship is truly inspiring-- a very, very cool car:cool:
WOW !!!

And I thought this was going to be fun. That firewall is amazing !!! You took an already awsome ride & made it out of this world. Your work neve ceases to amaze me.
Ya know, not just because I happen to think Bill is one of the nicest guys around, but I really have to say your Deuce is getting into the realm of being unreal. When I look at the custom touches like the firewall and interior, it is just mind blowing. Beyond the time and work you have put into it, there is also the imagination thing..........how do you come up with those designs? I stared at the firewall with all the added on sections and am absolutely amazed what you create.

When I look at your 32 with that four pot Hemi in there, it looks like it just came out in the latest little book hot rod magazine, that is, if this were 1956. You have such a neat car there. Can't wait to see it at Billetproof. :):)

A little more progress so far. Some of the stuff is boring and not really worth a photo, such as installing the starter, water temp and oil pressure senders, fan, flexplate bolts, and such.

One small headache was worked out though and that is the alternator. I like them to be low and out of sight if possible, but these dang hemis don't have many threaded holes in the front of them. We ended utilizing the driver's side engine mount holes as a mounting point. I think it worked out well.

This strange bracket that I whipped up is the foundation.

Here's a couple of photos of the whole deal installed. I even had a belt that fit. Now the radiator can go back in so I can start working on the hoses. The old hoses do not fit.

You are 100% right on about tucking the alternator away. Let that Hemi be the star of the engine compartment, without any "stuff" in the way. Not many people are good at design and execution. Your are one of the few.
Thanks for the encouragement fellas.

We're getting a lot of the little boring things done and hooked up. The million time consuming little details that have to be addressed. The biggest issue remaining is the steering/exhaust interface.

Here's something of little consequence but may may help others. I needed a swivel water neck but didn't want anything that looks like billet on this particualr car.......so I cheated.

I bought this. The base looks like the billet piece that it is and has countersunk Allen bolts.........................

Sooooooooooooooooooooooo I rounded the sharp edges then went over the whole piece with a needle scaler followed by a quick sand blasting in order to give the piece more of a rough cast look. I used some spacers as a sleeve then used regular hex head bolts on top of that.

Installed on the engine. Don't rat me out to the Billetproof officials.

I'll post some more progress tomorrow, but it isn't really exciting stuff at this point. Just trying to get everything hooked back together.
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Nice conversion from billet to cast. Do you think the same results could be had on Weld (brand) wheels?
Nice conversion from billet to cast. Do you think the same results could be had on Weld (brand) wheels?

I don't see why it couldn't be done with the same results Bob W.

Wow... never thought about doin' that to my old Weld's... I'm definitely gonna go for it!

That is really lookin' so good... even the small stuff is way kool! WHAT else will be left for u to improve ater this?!?!

Details. We finished off the steering system today. It had to be slightly reconfigured in order to clear the exhaust manifolds of the much wider Chrysler engine. While we were at it, we made some visual improvements. I suppose that's a matter of opinion I'm pretty sure we did.

Me and my brother decided to make some use of the discarded exhaust from the sbc. We measured of some pieces and drilled them full of holes of course.:D

We then cleaned up the holes, painted em black, and slid them on the column for this effect. It took a little time but I like the result. I still may paint the top of the column black. I have to think about it some more.

Stand by. There's a little more
We also dressed up up the outer column a little bit so that it would blend in more with the firewall. That included a reshaping of the outer edge and some rivets.

Here's where things are close but it will work out with a little bit of creative exhaust work. I can't wait........:rolleyes:

Okay I'm done for today.

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