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Mar 29, 2012
Berry, Alabama
It has been a wet, cold winter. Not biting cold, but just cold enough I haven't been able to do anything outside. The older I get, the less me and the cold get along. And the wet, damp weather is just as bad. Today is the first Saturday we've had in a long time with sunny skies and decent temps. So, after giving the semi truck a much needed bath, hadn't been washed this year, I got started on the shop area.

It's amazing how much junk, trash, leaves, and more junk get piled up and under a car in a open carport. I had oil soaked oil dry covered with a couple of layers of cardboard I had put down to lay on, leaves and trash accumulated on that. Yukk! I didn't realize it was that nasty, I walk by it every day, but don't even look at it hard. After I got the engine and transmission in the car, I got a new tool box, and it is still in front of the car, can't put it in it's new permanent location until the car is out of the way. I just had to roll it out of the way for now. Still have the Chevy engine and trans sitting by the front wheel, can't get it out until the car is out, either. So, I'm pressed for room. Got a old mini fridge given to me for dry storage, got my charcoal in it right now, it's in front of the car and in the way, too. And the battery was dead on the Firebird, so I couldn't move it so I could drag the cherry picker back around the house and into the shop area.

So, I swept up, tossed and burned the oil soaked cardboard, moved the toolbox to one side, and quit. Still got to move the mini fridge, it's got two 60lb bags of Sakrete on it, I just didn't have the energy to move them. Maybe tomorrow. I made daylight though, at least I can see the floor under the car, and I can get the cherry picker under there now. Then starts the process of unhooking everything and getting everything out so the trans can go to the shop for a rebuild.

Shooting for getting it going sometime this summer. Maybe I'll make it, tired of seeing it sit on stands.:rolleyes:
I don't see how you guys in the northern climes do it. Use to it I guess. I worked out in the weather in my 20's, didn't think anything of it. Last 30+ years sitting in AC and heat all the time has softened me up for sure.

But every year, when spring rolls around with just a bite of cool air in the mornings, I'm ready to go! This year though, every day we've had sunshine, very few of them so far, I was in the truck looking out! Jan and Feb, AL and GA were the wettest places in the country. We're already something like 12" over on our Two month rainfall totals!
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I wear a T-shirt until we dip into the 20's (F°). I don't know how you southern guys live with the heat! [ddd


When I was in my 20’s Dr C, I was the same way. Now, when it hits 50*F, I’m hunting the jackets and a heater!

The heat affects me just as bad now. I worked as a construction welder one year when we had something like two or three weeks it was over 100* every day. Now, 70-75* is about my limit. After that, I slow way down. And above 90* I ain’t doing nuttin but sitting under the AC.
The heat is bad enough, but we have that Gulf coast humidity in the summer on top of everything. As my favorite weatherman says, “air you can wear”.
As my favorite weatherman says, “air you can wear”.

Good one! [cl

I hear ya on every channel, Bama. The cold does get to me quicker than it used to.

I've always been "hot-blooded". My mother and my son are the same. (She says we were built with a high thermostat.) I never got along with heat, but like you, I've been overheated more times than I care to remember, to the point where I've become "sensitive". (Don't tell anybody.) I get physically ill if I'm too warm, so a "tropical vacation" will never appeal to me!

Little progress report
Finally got everything moved that had piled up over the winter, swept out, got the cherry picker in place. Now I have to go through the process of unhooking everything and getting the unit out. Too tired this afternoon after fooling with the plugs in the Expy today.

Edit: I posted this yesterday, but my internet went down about the time I got it typed up and hit send, so I don't guess it went through.
I'm another one that can't do too much walking and lifting, so I pick a project and see it to the end....eventually

As far as working on the cars, its a lot easier to fall underneath them then it is to get up from under.

Plus spring/summer here, will be 94 here in central Fla tomorrow.

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