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Thanks Andrew,

I don't have an A&P. I'm just a backyard hacker. I probably saw the same type of demo that you did and the sales lady could whip out one of those clamps in about 3.5 seconds. I knew good and well that it would take me substantially longer but I liked the way they looked and I bought the tool. I already had the wire from some safety wiring I did on the car earlier. I can make a clamp pretty quick now and I keep the tool and wire in my road emergency tool kit because you can make any size clamp with it unless you are working in a space that is so tight you can't manipulate the tool.

When I first used the tool, I think I only made to practice clamps and I was good to go. There is also an instructional video on their website that is helpful. I make one every once in a while now so I don't forget how to do it:eek:. I really like the clamps and the way they distribute even pressure all around the diameter of the hose. I also like the clean look of them. I'm going to use them again on my nest project.

The only downside is that you have to destroy the clamp to remove it, so you need to carry the tool and wire or some spare conventional clamps on a road trip in case of emergency. I carry both so no problem for me.
Nothing I can add that hasn't been said. Amazing work, cool car. I'm looking into that tool thing for clamps - that is so cool. I'm glad yours was an ignition problem only. I had a similar problem (not running right after a couple minutes) and finally - after much searching - came to the knowledge that Stromberg 97's are designed for 2 lbs of pressure - not the 9 or 10 I was sending with the electric fuel pump. Ran perfect and the carbs stopped seeping gas after I got that weeded out.

Some really simple yet cool things on here.

Thanks for the look into your world.

Your Hemi is out of this world! [dr your detail from the motor mounts
alternator brg. steering ,etc. the detail on your car rocks. Thanks for sharing your build with us. [dr
your ride looks awesome. i am sitting at work, collecting tax payer money, browsing this site. whats the name of the clamp making tool? i saw one of those probably 20 years ago at a state fair. i'd appreciate any 411 in them.
Your car looks amazing. I love all the little details. Sure that engine itself is the most awesome looking thing out there, but all the small details really make a big difference in the final result. There was nothing boring about showing that stuff, I like details and I always like to learn something new and I am sure everyone who followed this whole build and install certainley did. Thanks a lot for all the work posting and explaining what you did.
Nice nice nice

I just purchased a 56 or 57 Desoto 330 Hemi. My brother (Gregster) and I are going to go through it and see what we will need to get it going. It came with the old push button shift transmission still hooked to it. The engine had been sitting for over 15 years on the back of a van. It was said to have ran when put there, but is frozen as of now. I wonder how much difference there is between the Chrysler vs Desoto. There look to be plenty of parts for rebuilds on Ebay and such, but will need to disassemble to know. I have enjoyed reading your build and may have questions in the future for you. We will build another car later to use this engine in. Right now we are in the process of finishing the 36 Dodge Bobber truck listed in the build section on here.,,,,,,,,,,RUSTBROTHER
My Son Don has a 291 Desoto that he will be building, probably to put in his 30 Ford Tudor. Desotos are the rarest of the hemis and share very little in common parts wise with Chryslers or Dodges, so parts tend to be hard to find and expensive. For example, he just found a 4 barrel intake (original) and it was $ 400. The aftermarket didn't really make a whole lot for them either, so when you do find an aluminum intake or other part it costs an arm and a leg.

Places like Hot Heads carry just about everything to build one, and they are very good about advice. However, anyone who plays with any of the hemis has to be prepared to spend a whole lot more than guys who play with Chevies, Fords, etc. I think Gastrick can attest to that fact. :D:D

The time has come to make the swap from a sbc to a Chrysler hemi that I've been working on. I'm still waiting on some small parts and pieces but I need to go ahead and start fitting the new engine to the car if I plan on being up and running any time soon.

As a review for the folks that haven't been around this fourum very long, I'm installing this engine...........................

In this car......................................

I took the old girl for a final spin this moring and then me, my dad, and my brother, started removing the old engine. I had mixed emotions about it but it had to be done.

I made this temp cross member out of some scrap to hold the front of the transmission steady during the swap. Hopefully, the trans is staying in the car during the process.

It was made to bolt up to the hairpin bolts on the inside of the frame rails. Worked like a charm and beats the old "hang it by coat hangers or chains" method. Still has plenty of road grime from the Daytona monsoon of 08 under there.

picture of my late model hemi


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