Extreme Engine Makeover-Hemi Time

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Very nice work Gastrick !!!! Everyone should take note: It's all in the details, BIG or small. Alot of times details only cost you TIME , not big MONEY. Good job dude !!
Very Nice !!!

Awesome sounding engine, Gastrick.
I finally got to a place on the planet that I could watch the video...
Looks and sounds fantastic, great job on the swap. '22
Thanks again fellas. I really do appreciate the encouragement as I only have a couple of weeks to get this thing fully ready to go to make the 550 mile round trip to Billetproof Florida and I have very little time to work on it during the time left. I should be taking it out for a test drive this weekend if I can find someone to hold the brake pedal while I bleed the brakes. I "think" I only have a few more things to do and then I'll cross my fingers and hope there are no major issues to deal with or this car won't be making the trip to BP which was my goal. I don't own a trailer.

Because of the time constraints, I had to fab up some quick and dirty temporary exhaust pipes but they don't look too bad. I forgot my camera last weekend so there are no photos to show just yet. I'll get some pics up this weekend.
Well I think we can stick a fork in this project fellas........It's done (for now anyway). After a timing adjustment in the morning, I'm going to take it out for a road test tomorrow. It might need some fine tuning and jetting later, but I think I'll not start screwing with it before Billetproof if the road test goes well. I don't want to lose my base line and not have time to get it back. It's running pretty darn good as it is. I ran the car for quite a while today and it does NOT overheat, so I'm good there.

I snapped a few last photos with everything hooked up and then put the hood on. I really hated to cover up the engine but I like the lines of the car better with a hood.

Also note in the photos that you can see my quick and dirty makeshift temporary exhaust. There are baffles in them but they are still plenty loud. I tried the look of different slash cuts on the ends of the pipes, but in the end the car told me that it looks more like it means business with the ends cut straight. Eventually, these will run under the car and won't be seen at all, but I don't think these look too terrible.

I guess you guys are probably sick of looking At the same thing over and over but this should be about the end of it. I'll take a couple of pictures of it outside tomorrow and that will be it.

Last ones with the hood off.............................

Hood on and buttoned up. It's done folks. Test run tomorrow.

but in the end the car told me that it looks more like it means business with the ends cut straight.

I'm startin' to worry about you workin' so many hours my man! When the car starts talkin' to ya...

I guess you guys are probably sick of looking At the same thing over and over.

Nope... not possible! After followin' this build... lookin' at it never ceases to amaze me!!!

Last ones with the hood off.............................

Don't know that I could bring myself to cover this beautiful thing up!! Totally awesome!!! :eek::eek::eek:

Great work, Bill. I'm another one that never gets tired of looking at great craftsmanship. You know your really feeling the project when it tells you what it wants. The hood being on will cause that hemi to call for more attention. Enjoy Billetproof !!!
I agree, no way I can get tired of looking at what has become
an outstanding piece of rolling art. Enjoy.... '22

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