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My time is very brief and I only have a minute here but I've got an issue to deal with. Everything was great and I developed a problem suddenly. Don't know if I'll get it worked out in time for the show or not. I'll explain later when I have some time to type. I did drive it though and here's a photo I snapped while it was outside. I'll come back on later and explain the problem. It'll be after midnight when I get home from work.

I hope its nothing too serious. I have some buddy from around here i told them to look you up at billit proof
Thanks again fellas. Here is the issue. The car was running flawlessly and there was no kind of smoke at all from the exhaust. The morning I started it to go out for a test drive it started running bad and huffing black smoke from the exhaust. It apparently suddenly developed an over rich condition that was bad enough to foul the plugs in a matter of minutes. Hmmmmm. I changed the pressure regulator and threw a new set of plugs in. Same problem. I ran out of time before I could really get into diagnosing the problem. I'm working in the afternoon tomorrow so I'm going to the shop in the morning and pull the hood and air cleaners off and take a look in the carbs while it's running.

The intake manifold that I have is basically designed so that one carb feeds two cylinders each and all eight plugs were equally fouled, so I doubt that all the carbs went south at once. I think that something may have went bad in the ignition or I have too much back pressure in the baffles that I installed in the pipes. I think it's either one of those or too much fuel pressure to all four carbs. Maybe a combination. I'll know more tomorrow and will report back in.
UPDATE! UPDATE! UPDATE! I'm a happy camper today. The problem turned out to be a failure in the ignition circuit. My friend Adam came over and did some rewiring this morning and the car is running crisp and clean again. It sounds really healthy and strong.

It appears tthat I'm clear for take off :):):)
Tell em not to be shy if they see me. Make sure they say hi.

Will do Here is a couple pics of there rides. The little truck has a hemi also he just put a tunnel ram with two four's a couple weeks ago. I'm going to send them some pics of your ride too


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Was kinda worried ther for a sec that you wouldn't make Billetproof with the coupe. Glad to hear it was relatively minor.
A small tuning update. I found that my air cleaners were too restrictive and the car ran WAY better without them...............so I modified them a little bit.

I drilled six, 3/4 holes in each one and switched to K&N type filters. It seems to be getting enough air now.

And there's that throttle return spring bracket that I made to keep everything in line. I didn't want to just hang it on a carb stud or something else around there.

Nice holes, Gas!!! Even 4 of those Strombergs have to work to feed that Hemi. Sure looks great though.
Wow Great build, man. I've always liked how you've incorporated your aircraft influence into it. (I vaguely remember you saying you had your A & P?)

With all of the goo-goo-ga-gaa stuff out of the way about the Hemi build and stuff, I wanted to chime in on these clamps:

Gastrick said:

My father and I were down at the Sun 'n Fun Airshow a couple years back and saw this guy demonstrating these clamps. I thought they were cool as heck, but it seemed like a sure PITA to do, no matter how quickly and slickly the salesman could do them :D

That being said, do you like 'em? I like how unique they are, and they seem to hold just as well as any hose clamp/t-bolt?!

Anyway. I just wanted to bring it up. Sweet ride, man. I hope I can come see it one day! It's not that far of a drive.......Hmmm

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