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Aug 14, 2008
I built this about 4 years ago, its a blast to drive. Complete build shown here, easier to just click on photos and scroll down. The 5-0 photo was before I changed to dual stacks.


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Here's a shot of the steering and setting up the trans.


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I don't check out the tractor page much here. I guess I need to look in here more often because that thing is crazy cool.
That 2nd pic on the OP reminds me of an incident that happened to me in about 68-69. I worked a summer job with the recreation dept. in my city. We had our own little shop where the recreation dept met for meetings and dispatch on the days ' events. Our shop foreman, my boss was an old dirt track racer and hotrodder. Kool guy! We had an old 8n Ford tractor that we used daily. Nobody liked it but me so every time it needed to go somewhere to work I volunteered to drive it. We never did trailer haul it, just drove it to the destination. Harry, the foreman had fabbed up a truck rearend on this tractor front end. It would absolutely haul-ass! On the day of this incident, I was using the tractor on a ball field across town and it was friday. At noon on fridays, it was time for a meeting, lunch, and paychecks were handed out for the week. Not one of those things you wanted to miss as far as the job went. I'm across town, running late and get on this machine to haul buggy back the the shop. Welllll, hmmm, got caught by the cops on what was new at the time...a thing called radar. Hoho! What a trip! I got pulled over. They said I was approaching 50 mph. After some extreme wandering round and round wondering how this thing could make that speed, I let them in on the work done by Harry. Needless to say, they all knew Harry. Possibly that Ranchero sleeper that he drove. Equipped with bland paint job and 289 emblems on this mild looking ride that he drove around looking to trade pink slips when he mashed the skinny pedal on that 429...

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